Topic: Sniper Elite 4 the art or lack of art of killing????

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I watched some of this game play on PC and now on NSW and those players YT are Horrible where has the Art of Killing gone to new lows or what? I seen one where there was no kill except the targets but all other gameplay they were Horrible at kill or Timed Killing? Has games gone this bad playing such Art of the Kill games now? Even when I played v2, 3 and getting 4-I went for the Art of the Kill not announce myself to them. So is it only me or did this Art of the Kill been lost already? How come YT can do the Art of the Kill to show how it is done? Do they like to light themselves up to ramping shootouts?



Not sure I understand. You watched a YouTube video and they didn’t play how you think they should? Maybe they’re just not very good at the game. What makes sniper elite 4 so great is the fact that you can play it however you want. Plus people don’t become experts overnight. Takes a lot of time and practice to develop those skills.

Btw we have a Sniper Elite 4 thread already. Probably should post there for conversation concerning this game.

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What in the Art of the Kill is this about

I don't get it

Anyhow let's use the other thread. Or something.

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