Topic: Smash Ultimate DLC, two spots left, who do you want?

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For me it's;
1.) Ralsei - Deltarune
Sans - Undertale/Deltarune
2.) Midna - Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
Krystal - Star Fox Adventures/Assault
I know these character are assist trophies, but I that doesn't stop me from wanting them as playable characters



Nintendo knows we gamers want a new Fire Emblem character.

So they'll give us two.


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Bulborb or emperor bulblax

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Crash Bandicoot? Am I the only one who came up with this?

Nothing is better than playing a game and having a character say something like, "What was your name again? I forgot. Oh! Forgotten!"

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Waluigi, and Waluigi's sister. Or his Mum.

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@ForgottenArctic was thinking the same. At this point I could see Crash or even Spyro added.



@redd214 Didn't think about Spyro.

Nothing is better than playing a game and having a character say something like, "What was your name again? I forgot. Oh! Forgotten!"

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Rayman, Ubisoft does not have a character in Smash



Hmm, I got my hope (DQ Hero) but I would like to see Goemon as a Konami rep...he has had a number of games on nintendo systems and deserves more than a slow death in pachislot. Or Akira from Virtua Fighter...they did the costumes already so why not? VF was almost as influential as SF.

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I would like to see Bonk or Rayman. Seems unlikely, though.



Well since Isaac and Spring Man are Assist trophies my main two are out of the running. But otherwise, I would love to have two out of:

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Rayman
  • Shantae
  • Chibi-Robo
  • Leon Kennedy
  • Someone from Sin & Punishment (very unlikely)
  • And of course, the one Nintendo character that has been begging to be in a Smash Bros since the NES... Urban Champion (jk)

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toon zelda. we get three links but one zelda? sheik does not count. if we get toon link, then we should get toon zelda!



I still want Xenoblade 2 anyone. I'd love design that worked like the old Pokemon Trainer, where you could switch between Rex, Pyra, Mythra and one other blade... Maybe Roc, Wulfric or Nia.

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Give me Lloyd Irving or Yuri Lowell. Preferably Lloyd.

They could add the art chaining ability from the franchise.

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Jimmy T. I strongly doubt it will happen, but it would be a nice change from a lot of the stock-looking human characters that have inundated the roster, plus he could have a funky disco/fitness class stage accompanied with the awesome music from his catalogue.

The conspicuous absence of Jimmy-related music from the series, especially D.I.Y.’s infectious Body Rock and the enrapturing Ski theme from Game & Wario gives me a bit of hope.

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I want Professor Layton and Dr Coyle


I'm still rooting for Isaac from Golden Sun but it will never happen, especially given all the sword fighters we currently have.

Rayman seems like the next obvious choice for me, should they continue with 3rd party characters. Or maybe Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil (although we have a lot of Capcom rep currently). I'd say Crash is even possible after the Banjo reveal (although I don't see this happening before Rayman given the strength of relationship between Nintendo and Ubisoft).

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For Capcom:
Leon Kennedy(While it would be another character from capcom, it would represent a genre yet to be represented with a fighter: Survival horror. More ports of resident evil are in the way, and it is a pretty popular franchise atm. Jill Valentine could also work in order to have 1 female dlc fighter.)
Dante (I dont know much about this guy, as i have never played any of his games. However, he is also pretty popular among fans and even more now with DmC V. Thanks to a port on the switch of DmC, it could be possible, but idk)

For namco:
A tekken rep. (While not a huge fan myself, it is one of the biggest fighting franchises out there. Also, namco works in the game too, but they only got pacman??)

For Netherrealm Studios:
This one is obvious. Either scorpion or subzero. No need to explain. Two awesome, iconic characcters from the video game industry. Unlikely as hell, but dream picks regardless.

For Sega
They have 3 characters in, but if i had to choose another franchise to be represented, it would be one lacking representation as well, (except for dr mario, i guess) being the falling block puzzle games. Puyo Puyo would be the best one to represent the genre(other than tetris, but are we going for a tetromino as a character?)... Maybe with Amitie or Arle.

Those are some picks of mine tho, there are still a lot of characters i would like to see in. Doom Guy and Chief as other examples, but this post would be too long



If the leakers are true it's gonna be DOOM guy and Steve from Minecraft.

Personally I'm still hoping for Lego Batman, Ryo from Shenmue or a Licker from Resident Evil!

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