Topic: Nintendo Switch Wireless Gamecube Controllers up for pre-order at Gamestop

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Hello everyone,

Today I went out to gamestop to pre-order one of the super smash bros themed pro controllers for the switch set to release alongside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The guy who helped me at the store informed me that they weren't taking any pre-orders for those anymore, but they were taking pre-orders for wireless gamecube controllers made specifically for the switch. He told me they had gold, silver, and purple available. I was aware that Nintendo was bringing back wired gamecube controllers for smash Ultimate alongside the new pro controller, but I have not heard or seen anything about these new wireless controllers. I did pre-order one of the gold ones in fear that they might not be available later, but I am still confused. The cashier wasnt able to show me an image of these new controllers and I have not found anything on the internet in regards to these controllers. Could this be something nintendo was going to announce soon and gamestop was taking early pre-orders for? I pre-ordered this at Gamestop in Watsonville, California.



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