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What is everybody expecting at E3 this year from Nintendo?

I personally hope they show Metroid or Animal Crossing.

What do you guys want to see?




Those two (Metroid and Animal Crossing) and Pikmin 4 would be my version of awesome. Anything else is just a bonus!



Either Pokemon or Animal Crossing, some sort of Esports thing to go with Splatoon 2?

Switch games list,

Legend of Zelda BotW, Human resource machine, NBA Playgrounds, Street Fighter 2, Super Bomberman R, Snipperclips, Overcooked, World of Goo.

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Definitely Metroid. I don't care if it comes out next year, just show that they're working on an actual, main series game. I'm sick of being told "Oh yeah, we totally want to make a Metroid game soon" and then keep hearing nothing about it, let's see some action on this.

Other than that, I don't really care what we get as long as we get Not Pokemon Stars (unless Stars is a lot better than it sounds instead of being a generic port with a few extras thrown in).

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I expect Pikmin 4, Smash (with Bayonetta & Cloud amiibos) & Mario Maker ports, Retro's new IP, a lot of Mario Odissey & Spla2n footage, something about the Xenoblade 2 story (not actual gameplay, maybe a trailer or sort of), a couple more random surprises (even third party related, i'm thinking at announced NBA 2K for example, or Pokemon Stars) and finally in my wildest dreams, right at the end of the Direct/live presentation (which one they will do), a Metroid teaser for 2018

You guys think it's too much?

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Our expectations are high. Let's hope Nintendo's are too!



I'm expecting a trailer to begin in a way that has the Internet going into full blown meltdown over how it's going to be a new Metroid in the vein of the Prime series, and it all builds up with a massive load of suspense before...

Metroid Party!!!! 10 Metroid mini games all using your JoyCons with HD Rumble to play with your friends. Online play allows you to compete with an almost guaranteed empty lobby and micro-transactions through amiibo cards will ensure you continue having to spend hundreds just to be able to play all 10 mini games in addition to the initial $60 retail price and online paid services.



They would be actively hurting themselves if they don't show Metroid / Retro's new thing, and I expect Smash Ultimate to release within the month with some more DLC coming.

Mario is the inevitable headliner and big show floor demo, and Xenoblade 2 has to be playable if they want anyone to believe it's coming out this year. And they just need to say "Pokemon" as much as possible.

No idea about Pikmin and Animal Crossing.

Don't hate me because I'm bnahabulous.


The only thing I think they really need to show is Animal Crossing, that game needs to be on the horizon. Beyond that I don't think it matters too much as long as the content is good. I'd be just as happy with something along the lines of Kid Icarus or Luigi's Mansion as I would be with Metroid. I'd be super excited if we got something along the lines of Bayonetta. But something completely out of left field would be just as good.

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I think Smash, Animal Crossing and Mario Odyssey will be the focus. Also I think the GC controller adapter will work with Switch rather than GC Joy-Cons existing.

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More info on Xeno 2 and FE, both Warriors and the Switch version. Add Mario, Smash, and possibly with a lot of salt, info about BG&E2 and the Rabbids crossover.
I'd love seeing what the hell Retro has been doing for the past 3 years. They should already be done with pre-production and be in the middle of development, no?

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@Whitewatermoose The average consumer doesn't watch Nintendo's Directs nor really know about up coming games in general for any system with the exception of FIFA and COD etc. Most look at the console, look at the price and look at current games on the store shelf and that's about it.



I'm not sure a new Poke-game will be at E3, Nintendo struggled with the transition to HD and Gamefreak have largely confined themselves to portable consoles, so I could see a long development time for a new game and the new Poke games have never been far in advance announcements.

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Metroid Prime 4 and Super Monkeyball collection.

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Would love to see an Animal Crossing and Pikmin 4, maybe build on Mario Kart further with more content? Also more coverage for Splatoon.

Would also really like to see a strong third party presence on the console to put doubters minds at rest and to know that the support for the games is there and will be for years to come.

Nintendo has to go all out if there wanting the amount of console sales they do.

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Pikmin 4

Metroid would be nice, but that's not going to happen.



@zitpig That's what I thought during the Switch reveal last week. Rumours said it's going to be a reboot, maybe they overhauled the Wii U version, or whatever they were working on; Something like what happened to Zelda, you know, the game that was almost finished and supposed to release in 2015.



I think Nintendo is only showing half their hand, because they don't really need to show everything right now. Zelda, Mario Kart and Arms will carry the system through to E3. But that's when the Switch really needs to garner excitement. It's only three months after launch, and that's when the excitement from Zelda will start settling down. That's when they need to impress and show people why the system is going to be a great place to play games going forward. And if they show their entire hand now then the E3 isn't going to really draw any new excitement. The smart move is to have a good E3 since it's just 3 months after Switch launches. Which means they need to hold back some surprises.

I'm not going to set my expectations on Metroid, but I'm feeling pretty good about it. But even if it doesn't happen, even if they just show up Xenoblade 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors and Mario Odyssey and next year's Fire Emblem, at the very least they'll toss in a couple new surprises like Pikmin or Smash, and some future projects for 2018 and beyond, They really need to show what's coming into 2018 though, so that people can see the future of the Switch and what they can look forward to (Beyond Good & Evil I'm guessing that will be shown too). But I am hoping for a really good E3 and regardless of what they end up showing is long as they're good games and they show us a steady stream of releases without droughts, what more can you really ask for.

I actually think Nintendo is learning to strategically pace their games, and that's why we hear about games like Pikmin 4 being almost finished, but then don't see it for 2 years. One of the biggest criticisms of the Wii U was that it would go long spans of time without any games, and then all of a sudden you get two or three games releasing back to back to back. And I know fans (certainly myself) were saying what the heck, we could have used this game back in that 5 month drought.

And I think that is actually why the launch lineup is so thin. I know switch is going to sell out the gate because of Zelda. They don't need to expend any other precious resources (aka games) to get the console selling at launch. Which will allow them to have more games to pace a steady flow of releases throughout the year, ensuring there are no long droughts which, imo, is what killed Wii U's momentum in year one and beyond.

I think (and I believe they're getting better at this with Switch, and learning how to use it to plug gaps) that when they finish a game they don't necessarily release it right away. They plan the whole year to ensure we never go long without a major release. And honestly I think it's the right move. I mean all publishers schedule their games for times they think it will sell the best and they will often "delay" a game because of a window being too crowded. But with Nintendo not having the major support of the western AAA market they have to be much more frugal with the games they create, and if they want to avoid making the same mistakes they made before they're going to have to plan wisely.

I was listening to an interview with Reggie, and it was interesting because he was talking about how they're working hard to ensure there are no droughts on the Switch. And I started thinking about it and I said OK, if I'm Nintendo, and I'm about to release my new system, and let's say I've got X amount of games I could have ready for launch if I wanted. Do I expend them to impress with a large launch lineup at the expense of having fewer games releasing throughout the course of year one? If there wasn't a system seller at launch I might do that. But if I've got a big system seller at launch that I know is going to drown out any other game releasing, it would be a much smarter decision to take those other games and spread them out throughout the year so that we have a nice, evenly spaced release lineup. And if I am Nintendo, I know ahead of time that there's going to be a little uproar over the thin launch, but I also know there would be an even bigger uproar if there were long droughts immediately afterwards (and I truly believe I Am Setsuna recently being confirmed for launch was a reactionary response to help soften the blow of the thin launch after hearing criticism, which supports the theory that games are indeed ready, they're just pacing them).

I actually think this is why NoA held off releasing so many VC games that EU got on Wii U. Because now during this six-month end-of-generation drought in the lead up to Switch, they actually have exciting virtual console games to release every week while EU gamers have already seen the bulk of their releases and have nothing to excite them now or keep them occupied now. Not to say VC is a complete substitute for new games but it's certainly better than nothing and I see what they're doing. Like how we just got Star Fox 64, and before that Mario Kart, and before that Pokémon Snap, and before that Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon.

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I think it's pretty safe to say Animal Crossing is coming. They already have the assets from amiibo festival to use (or maybe amiibo festival was actually using the assets from the game they originally had in development for the Wii U?) and a new mobile game is coming to promote the property. The update to New Leaf suggests it may be a ways off though so I'm guessing if we see anything, it'll just be a teaser slating it for 2018.

Whatever Retro's been working on should (hopefully) be revealed here. Personally, I hope they've been given another IP to revive like F-Zero or Advance Wars but a new IP would be just as exciting (if not more). Whatever it is, I think it'll be another 2018 title.

Not sure if the word that Platinum's working on an exclusive was ever confirmed or just part of the rumor mill but given their relationship with Nintendo, I can easily see something from them being teased. Most likely Bayonetta 3 but I can just as easily see Ninty outsourcing another IP to them.

As for IP's they'll slip into this year's schedule: Kirby is at the top of my list of suspects. Being that the IP regularly comes in back to back intervals and this is his 25th anniversary year (HAL even went through the trouble of making a twitter account just for the occasion), there's a strong chance a game is coming. I can see Pikmin 4 being dropped into the schedule as well in a month they feel is lacking and a Smash port coming in time for the holidays.

On the 3rd party side, expecting announcements from Ubisoft (AC, Just Dance 2018), Activision (COD, Skylanders) , Capcom (Monster Hunter), and Squeenix. More information on Project Octopath Traveler, Project Sonic 2017, NBA 2k, and FIFA. Maybe Atlus will have a little more SMT V to show as well. Hopefully, we'll also get some word on what From Software has planned (since they're on the confirmed list of developers) and Level 5 too.

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