Topic: Nintendo Please, Add 20 Classic Games in Classic Games Selection of Nintendo Switch Online

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Hi, Guys. Welcome to Classic Games Selection Online Discussion. We Have 3 Classic Games like for Example: SMB3, Balloon Fight And Dr. Mario. And today we have a top 20 classic games that we want to see in the selection of Classic Games Selection.

20- Duck Hunt
19- Hogan's Alley
18- Wild Gunman
17- Disney/Pixar/LucasArt Games
16- Stack Up
15- Gynormite
14- Gumshoe
13- Area 51
12- Virtua Fighter All the Numbers
11- Barker Bill's Trick Shooting
10- Tekken All the Number
09- Killer Instinct
08- Mario and Wario
07- Mario Paint
06- Mario no Super Picross
05- Legend of Zelda, A Link To the Past, Minish Cap, Ocarina of Time
04- Pole Position
03- Simpsons Arcade
02- Metal Slug - If no the Arcade Archive Version.
01- Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man and Baby Pac-Man



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