Topic: NEWS: Analyst predicts that the Nintendo Switch Pro will launch later this year.

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I suppose they released a 3DS then a 3DS xl then a new 3DS then a new 3DS xl then a 2DS in over 5 years. I d say this new switch will be lighter with a bigger screen



I predict the new switch will be a new switch

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I'm tired of PS4 Pro, XBOX X, and if it's true the Switch Pro. I bought a PS4 & Switch at launch and all these higher spec Pro editions make me feel like i got ripped off for supporting a system at launch.

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So long as the Pro is still a hybrid. I will be very annoyed it they release another SWITCH that doesn't switch. That is the key thing that I love so much about the Switch. I regularly play in both modes.

What I would want from a Pro would be a nicer 1080p screen(also larger by dropping the bezel), better battery life and a slight power bump that doesn't divide the install base. I am not a programmer, but I see no reason why game devs can't develop a game that can take advantage of extra power if it is there but still function well without it at lower settings. PC games have literally done that since before I was born! Almost 30 years ago!

I'd also like built in Bluetooth headphone support and a better WiFi connection.

@CurryPowderKeg79 Technology is always improving and/or becoming cheaper. You didn't and don't get ripped off for supporting a device at launch. What was good 3 years ago has been surpassed for the same price now. That's just how it goes. It might be annoying that it has become the norm to release mid generation updates, but that's just how things are now. The era of buying a game system that remains the system for 5-8 years is just gone. I miss it too.

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I can't see them doing a Pro version that's not a hybrid.

Nintendo just don't focus that much on advanced graphical stuff, so it's not clear what a powerful home console would really offer.

Would people really buy a home console version if all it offered was higher resolution and frame rate? That's all I can see it really doing. Nintendo aren't gonna spend much time and energy doing anything other than that (in terms of the game dev side of things).

Maybe the only benefit would be that next-gen ports would be more likely.

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I put off getting a Switch in 2018 because of the rumours of a Pro version coming 'soon'. Then in the middle of 2019 I finally got one once the longer battery version arrived. I can honestly say, when I am playing things like Mario Kart or Odyssey the graphics look so good on my 4K tv that I can't see much difference to a PS4 Pro game. So I can't really see how much better it can get. I guess less jagged edges and better draw distances and consistent 60fps?



@Heavyarms55 agree tech now are coming at faster pace and take Smart Phones they are changing constantly by the time you buy your aka "new" model it is already replaced. For anyone thinking it should last 5-8yrs is asking alot. Especially on the Switch a more powerful unit goes to help sales and get more Developers making more powerful games for it all the while the Switch can still use the older games. Tech doesn't sit still just because someone think that it should. Take example also AMD Ryzen now iNtel is getting a rude awakening for sitting on the bunghole all the while price Scalping and now they are rushing to beat AMD but having major fails in the process.

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What does the pro mean in switch pro. I just got emailed from gamesradar they said it might be out in the summer but don't spot them ( that sounds a bit better )



@Ninfan No one knows. That's why all this speculation is such a joke.


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