Topic: My Nintendo NX logo video, explanation for system being called, "Nintendo Infinite", controller ideas, etc.

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Hey all, I came up with a logo for NX several months ago and did share it online, but it wasn't until a couple weeks ago that I made a video to further elaborate some of my thoughts behind the concept. In this video I break down the idea behind the logo, why NX could turn into the Nintendo Infinitie, and share some thoughts on ideas for the system, controller, and even how prices may break down.

Note: In the video I say that NX Home could cost $350 and NX Portable could cost $200, with a two in one SKU costing $500, but I think that more accurately we would see NX Home costing $375 and NX Portable costing $175 (with the two-in-one still being $500).

Anyhow, any feedback on my ideas would definitely be appreciated. Thank you!
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My Nintendo NX Infinite logo video, ideas about the console, controller, etc.

Your thoughts on the video are all greatly appreciated!


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