Topic: Jeff Grubb says that there'll probably be another Mini Direct next month.

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In his latest podcast Jeff Grubb mentioned that he thinks there will be another showcase in july.

Back in may he heard that Nintendo decided to make many showcases instead of a big general direct and he feels this wasnt the end of these mutliple showcases. After his confirmation that we will get Metroid Prime Remaster end of this year, he is pretty sure that we will get more info on that game very soon but next game nintendo will talk about will be Bayonetta 3.


what you guys think?



Now I'm probably more lenient to "leaks" than most on here. But these people doing this "there'll be a Nintendo Direct and I know this game is in it" are completely full of it. "I was wrong last week, I'll be right this week. Trust me!"

Just attention seekers with no real info searching for clicks. Honestly at this stage if I was Nintendo I'd be strategically spreading BS stuff just to see who picks it up. Tracing where the stuff came from. But at the same time looking at what these BS artists are making up and doing precisely the opposite of it just to screw with their credibility

edit: also, Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime remasters? EASY guesses. These aren't insights. Where was the person talking about Nier: Automata before this last direct is what I want to know

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Pikmin 4 is done, wind waker and twilight princess are done, Metroid prime is done, donkey Kong is done.

If they are all done then why have they went nowhere beyond rumors. These “ insiders” know nothing more than the average gamer.



It will be called Nintendo Direct Extra Mini.

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I expect whatever it is it does what it says on the tin

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"Don't stir the pot" is a nice way of saying "they're too dumb to reason with"


Certainly possible, but...I honestly don't care how accurate leakers are.

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Ah yes, Jeff Grubb, who famously utters the words.."this lines up with what I've been hearing as well."



The Nintendo Monthly Grubb will stream on 1st of April next month featuring Dante from the Cheerios series.



Can it technically be called a direct if It's meant to arrive at a certain time, then goes round the block a few times before turning up?

Isn't it obvious that Falco Lombardi is actually a parrot?


Im slightly annoyed we didn't get a pure Nintendo direct. I mean, where are the hits and news!??!?!?!


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