Topic: Is the Switch's Second Year a Disappointment for you?

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2nd year has been great for my wallet. Still catching up older games and 2017 games.

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.


@iLikeUrAttitude great for me Im still enjoying the gamecube library and Wii u.

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.


There have been a lot of great ports and smaller scale third party titles this year, but nothing that knocked my socks off. Funnily enough, the most fun I've probably had this year on Switch was with Captain Toad.

Wolfenstein II would have been my first third party "big hitter" this year if not for the fact that Bethesda cheaped out on the cartridge (so it's a pass from me).

Smash Ultimate and Let's Go couldn't come soon enough.

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@1UP_MARIO Also forgot to mention that this thread was concerning switch games.. I'm glad you're getting your enjoyment out of the classics though.

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@iLikeUrAttitude oh I still enjoy my switch games still haven’t completely finished BOTW, mario kingdom battle, tropical freeze, splatoon 2 it’s just I have a backlog that I want to finish but thanks for praying for my wallet. Every little helps

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.


@Fake-E-Lee I agree with this. I have roughly 90 games on my Switch and for me it's the best system ever. I've been playing the heck out of Mario Kart 8's battle mode the past couple days. That game actually passed me by because I was occupied with other stuff. I haven't even gotten Splatoon 2 either. Never played a game in the series but I'll get down to it eventually.

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The steady flow of quality indies has kept me interested this year, and thankfully there have been some regular, quality reductions on the eshop. A few games have stubbornly resisted - Golf Story and Mr. Shifty are yet to see any significant sales AFAIR.

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The Switch has had the best second year out of all the portable consoles. That's for sure!


I currently have six games on my Switch, technically. Fallout Shelter isn't much of a game, but can be amusing. And there's 3 or 4 more games I want, but can't afford right now or aren't released yet. To be honest, I'm wanting to buy a lot more games on the switch all at once then I usually do. When I got a 360 originally I picked up a single game to go with it, and one more each month after that. When I got an XB1 I bought a single game beyond the one bundled with it, and didn't feel in a hurry to get more. I have hundreds of games combined for the two systems, but that's in part due to getting multiple free games a month via X-box Live gold membership.

I rarely get excited by new games that are announced. And don't buy new games that often, in large part due to my finances often being tight. When I do, it's usually older games that can be gotten cheep. And usually I buy them used if it's a physical copy. Even on my handheld systems I don't have many games. For the Gameboy advance I have 6 games (8 if you count the fact two carts have a pair of games on them). On my 3DS I have 10 games, but have been collecting them since last November. And on my PS Vita I have 11 games, but most of them are PS1 games I picked up for $5-$10 each. For that system I've again been collecting games for several months.

In the first week of owning a switch I found myself buying three full price games (Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Disgaea 5). That's in addition to the game I bought along with the console (Breath of the Wild). I then bought a budget game (Uno) that can be played with others in local multiplayer, and a couple pinball tables in Pinball FX 3. Within 3 weeks of buying a switch I found myself buying yet another full price game (Captain Toad Treasure Tracker).

That is a lot of money to be dropping within 3 weeks of buying a switch. Almost $300 spent in fact. When I'd only budgeted for a single game to go along with the Switch. And I've been having to keep remind myself that no, I can't afford to buy any more games this month. Even so, I've got 3 or 4 games I'm eying right now. And not all of them have released yet, which is the only reason I haven't told Nintendo "Shut up and take my money" yet regarding those games

I'd say this says good things about how the Switch's game lineup is doing.

EDIT: After playing the Arms demo, I may have to raise my assessment of how many games I'm eying to 4 or 5 games. That was a blast. Exhausting, sure (was using motion controls). But very fun to play.

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Not at all. It's been great imo.

But I imagine it will depend a lot on if you have played (or feel like re-playing) the ports that are releasing.

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For a given year, any particular person might only have one or two games that release that year on a console they own they even remotely care about. Which is pretty normal IMO. Having 3,4, or even 6 games released in the span of two years that you feel are "must haves" is a pretty unusual, and great thing.


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iLikeUrAttitude wrote:

@Agriculture Nothing wrong with that, just means that games from third parties appeal more to your taste. But some would argue you're missing out.

I didn't lose out on Super Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild (both released in 2017). What games exclusive to the Switch released in 2018 have I lost out on?



Not at all. I think the Switch has a great second year.

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Definitely. 2017 gave us a steady stream of games that hit a variety of different styles. We had first and third party games, new releases and remakes/ports, etc. 2018 is mainly ports, remakes, and third party stuff. The major first party entries are fairly lacking for this year. I knew 2018 would be worse just by virtue of being nearly impossible to top BotW and Odyssey in the same year, but not this much worse.


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@Agriculture Hmmm, Switch exclusives in 2018? Mario Aces, Kirby Star Allies and Octopath Traveler. You could say Sushi Strikers too, though that also came out on the 3DS. Not sure if you feel you've missed out on those or not, but they're all pretty well received, especially Octopath.

Didn't have a Wii U and don't play on PC, so 2018 hasn't been too bad for me, given the top-echelon indies hitting the Switch this year. Hollow Knight is every bit as good as any AAA game, and I haven't even gotten around to Celeste or Dead Cells yet. Looking forward to Moonlighter, have Dark Souls on preorder, and not even loaded up Octopath yet because Hollow Knight is so good.

That said, the first half of 2018 was almost entirely swallowed up by Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - that game is titanic - so I'm missing some perspective on this year's releases. I don't think it's been as good as 2017 - how do you top BotW and Odyssey? - but I wouldn't say it's been a disappointment either.

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@Krull 2018 as a whole across the board sucked compared to 2017. Not just Nintendo; Sony, Microsoft, and third-parties just fell over this year. We've only had Monster Hunter World, Dragon Ball FighterZ, God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Shadow of the Colossus, Far Cry 5, Octopath... and that's pretty much it when 2017 had way more games in its first six months.

But no one wants to talk about that. Because the Switch is the hot new thing and everyone loves bashing Nintendo, people gotta write these dumb narratives on how "the Switch is not gonna do so hot now because no games" when pretty much EVERY company fell on their face this year, at leaat compared to last year.

So when you put things in perspective, this year's been fine enough. Plus, it means I can dive back into my backlog of games.

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@Agriculture Well it depends on what games you like... the best I can do is to recommend games to you. Though I can't promise if they appeal to you. If you can nothing but third parties then power to you.
As for exclusives released this year that I would recommend; Octopath Traveler (if you're into JRPGs), and upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC.

There also some Wii U ports like Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and Captain Toad if you're into that. Not sure what type of games you're into though.

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@EvilLucario I haven't come across anyone at all saying stuff like "nInTeNdO iS dOOmEd". I'm pretty sure most of the trolls have shut up after they look at the rapid growth and sales of the Switch.

Despite me feeling underwhelmed with the current year of the Switch there are still at least some notable games coming out for it.

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