Topic: Is a 400 GB Micro SD Card plenty of storage space for the Nintendo Switch?

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I have a choice between a 512 GB Samsung EVO Plus Micro SD Card or a 400 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro Micro SD Card. They're both UHS-I, so my Switch shouldn't have any issues with them. Should I get the 512 GB Samsung Card which has more storage space or the 400 GB SanDisk Card which has less storage space but is faster?

See both Micro SD Cards in the links below. Thanks.

400 GB SanDisk Card:

512 GB Samsung Card:

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I'd pick 400 card. I myself have 200gb it has about 100gb left.

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I think if you are already looking to spend way past CDN$200 you should just go for the bigger option and call it a day, even if storage eventually becomes cheaper. At this point the additional CDN$50 won't break your bank.



@Darthy09 : @CurryPowerKeg79 is right. It's not worth paying a premium for a higher speed card. Those cards are better suited for Ultra HD camcorders and things like that. A higher card speed will yield almost no benefit on the Switch.

If you intend to download all of your games (as opposed to physical/retail games) then 400GB should last you a good while, but you should probably go for the biggest card you can afford, but I would advise that you buy the card when you actually need it as the cards have dropped in price quite significantly in recent months.

If you intend to buy mostly physical/retail games, however, then a smaller card, even 200GB or 128GB (depending on your gaming habits) should be sufficient.

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400gb is more than enough you're giving them your hard earn $$ just to have 112gb unformatted for free and paying out where the sun doesn't shine. Save your money and get a 400gb as I mentioned in another link a 1tb SD card is already coming for 499USD but at those rates they will start making 1tb microSD later.



400GB is plenty especially if you mainly play indie titles.


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