Topic: If we got it, what GBA games would you want on a Switch VC?

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@Tyranexx Yeah, I agree highly with your list. I know they are on Wii U, and I have a few on there. But the Switch is just such a better medium to have VC content in my opinion. On TV or on the go... I am in love with it and want everything on the device!

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Sonic Advance 1-3, Sonic Battle, Rhythm Tengoku, and while extremely unlikely, I would love the Crash and Spyro GBA titles, especially Spyro Season of Ice and Season of Flame. I can dream!

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@Heavyarms55: Agreed, my friend. Now if only Nintendo would implement cross-buy on the VC....

I can dream.

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@Tyranexx WE** can dream my friend. WE can dream.

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I had (have) quite a few GBA games.

My picks for VC would be:

Minish Cap (severely under-rated)
Metroid Zero Mission and Fusion (both excellent games - even if Fusion was a bit talky)
Castlevania AoS (the other two are great too but AoS is fantastic)
Advance Wars (either/both. I actually ended up playing Advance Wars 2 on the Wii U VC more than any other game on Wii U. I had to force myself to stop. So probably better they keep that stuff away from us for public health purposes)
Kuru Kuru Kuruin 2 (I have the original and it's great if a little short. Perfect for handheld play. A belated Western release for the sequel would be very welcome)
Astro Boy (Treasures best game?)
Wario Land 4 (perhaps not the best in the series but it's really pretty and a good game)
Drill Dozer (lots of fun)
Golden Sun (perhaps the best looking game on the console. It's much too chatty and the plot ends abruptly in the first game and in the second game just falls apart but the game mechanics and battle system are really nice)
Pokemon RSE & LGFR (the greatest generation... & the original 151)
Mother 3 (of course)

To be honest the top end of the GBA line up was pretty heavy on ports of classic 16 bit games (particularly RPGs) or poorer later era approximations. Most of it you don't need when you could have the real deal available on Switch but there are some real gems there beyond what I've listed.


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Castlevania Circle of the Moon, Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance and Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, of course! What a question!


Nintendo published games are a given, but I would also love to see some old licensed games as well (though the likelihood is extremely likely).

But my favourite GBA game would have to be The Sims: Bustin' Out. I fell in love with it over 14 years ago now (shockingly, the GBA version was never released in Australia!!! Nor was the GBA version of The Urbz, in spite of the enormous popularity of the PC games at the time).

If Bustin' Out had been released on GBA in Australia at the time, then I would have saved enough coin until I would have been able to afford it. Instead, my very first handheld ended up being a DS (with which I had bought the DS version of The Urbz) which I had purchased a year and a half later.

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