Topic: If Metroid Prime is OoT, Should 4 be Twilight Princes or BotW?

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So Metroid Prime is arguably the benchmark by which all subsequent Metroids have been judged, much like Ocarina of Time was for Zelda. So, to roll with that analogy, would you like to see Prime 4 be like the Breath of the Wild and greatly expand the breadth and scope of the game? Or, would you prefer it take a Twilight Princess approach and just be prettier and a bit more modern but ultimately very similar experience to it's most popular predecessor.

With the troubled development that led to years of work being scrapped, and a more proven developer put back at the helm, I think it makes a lot of sense to play it safe and give us a back to basics sequel/borderline remake of Prime 1. It would be somewhat disappointing, but after the current fiasco, I'd be happy to just have a new HD Metroid that is genuinely good.

Of course there is a third option, make the Majora's Mask of the series. Smaller in scope but with a compelling hook to really immerse the player. A while back it came out that the original pitch for Metroid Prime 2 had you trapped on a derelict space station being hunted down by a malfunctioning AI. I'd play that.


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I'd like it to be to Metroid Prime what Metroid Prime was to 2D Metroid


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