Topic: I think I prefer Switch > other consoles now..

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I love both my Switch and PS4 but the Switch gets played with more because of the handheld mechanics plus the fact that Nintendo makes more games that I like. I don't like anything violent so find that most PS4 games do not suit me. I like things like Mario, Kirby, Zelda etc. On the PS4 I'll play Little Big Planet, Sackboy, Spyro, Horizon.

I have a Wii, Wii U and 2 Nintendo 3DS but they don't get played at all lately. The Wii U will be getting an airing though as I want to play Wii Fit U again

Agree with @nerdface about the JoyCons. My left one has terrible drift and I just bought a cheapie one to replace it as I heard that even the new ones develop drift as well.

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