Topic: Games you think should be on Switch, but aren't

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Batman Arkham series (especially City)
Anything by Paradox Interactive

The Mountain Man


I would like to see Dark Souls II and MAYBE Nioh and Dark Souls III if possible. DS2 ran on last gen already and they can implement Scholar of the First Sin improvements into the base game just fine. Nioh and DS3 may be too demanding for the Switch though. DS3 dips below 30fps on a PS4 Pro from what I heard.

Metroid, Xenoblade, EarthBound shill

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@Mountain_Man I know its not the first game people think of but I have lost 1000 of hours to the Victoria series and would lose 1000s more if the series came to Switch.

Xcom 2 would be another fine addition.

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It would be fun to get Street Fighter IV.



@Hikingguy I was actually thinking that too. I've been going online with Zangief on the 3DS version and saying "Man, I'd love this on the Switch."

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@ReaderRagfish I was playing the 3DS version too and it seems like a game that would run on the Switch just fine. The game still looks great. I have not played SFV, so I cannot compare the two games, but Street Fighter IV was good, I am sure people will still buy and enjoy it.



Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean. basically all the good JRPG'S but the main ones have been listed already got The Last Remnant


  • Ever Oasis
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy
  • The Wonderful 101
  • The Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD and Skyward Sword HD
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • Eternal Darkness

The virtual console. Let me buy SNES + GBA games. Suddenly 90% of those indie gems aren't gems anymore.



More Wii U ports and PS1 remasters/remakes (most of PS1's gems were not made by Sony but rather 3rd parties which some had timed exclusivity for seemingly 20 years). Also more Crash!

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-Danganronpa Series. It would be nice to have another portable version of these games.

-Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game. Getting this one back would be the best thing ever. If they make a physical release i'm truly in heaven.

-Arcade Archives Games from the 90s. Seriously, pretty much everything they release are mid 80s Arcade Titles. It wouldn't hurt to release some 90s titles that aren't Neo Geo related for a change of pace.

-3D Dot Game Heroes, a great Zelda and Retro gaming homage that's pretty much stranded on PS3 and really deserves another chance.

-Dance Dance Revolution. I know this franchise is pretty much dead, but i really loved these games.

-Half Minute Hero. Pretty much one oft the most entertaining RPG parodys out there.



Can someone explain to me why the Arkham games aren't on Switch yet?

Also, Nintendo/other devs are literally pouring money down the toilet with a lack of availability of SNES games. I only have an interest in playing most 2D games when I can play them handheld, and there are only a few of those games available on N3DS. For example, there is currently no way to give the a developer money to play Chrono Trigger on the go. I can either spend a bunch on it used and play on DS, or I'm SOL

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Wonderfull 101
First 2 pikmins HD
Ocarina of time / Majoras mask HD
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Sonic Adventure DX
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Pikmin 3
Wind Waker HD
Super Mario 3D World
GameCube VC
Gameboy/Color/Advance VC
N64 VC

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COD.... but I guess there isn’t anyone to develop it.



Well @MarcelRguez, you got half your wish. lol. Don't think GTA V will ever come to the OG Switch, think the game is too big. Also we got Saint Rows III which is sorta kinda a replacement?

Already got my wish in terms of No More Heroes 3 and Bayonetta 3.

But what I'll also like to see has been mentioned by others or aren't going to happen:
Beyond Good and Evil 2
Nier Automata
Tomb Raider

I think the problem with most of them is the games are too big to fit on 16GB (or 32GB) Switch cartridges. In BGE2 cases, the game looks next-gen home console only. Others might include Code Vein and I would like to see Phantasy Star Online 2 come westside (which is happening with the Xbox One) and just generally more jRPGs.

Would love to also see (in no particular order):
Assassin's Creed Collection
Rocksteady's Batman Collection
BioShock Collection
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection*
Final Fantasy XIV*
Halo: The Master Chief Collection (One can dream, one can dream...)
Mass Effect Trilogy
Portal 2
Starcraft II
World of Warcraft*
*Never played and probably never will but that's beside the point...

I think you get what I'm getting at for the Switch here. Its a greatest hit compilation.

In terms of Nintendo first party games that should be on the Switch but still isn't (Not going to list Metroid Prime Trilogy or Zelda Collections):
Pikmin 4
3D Golden Sun
More 3D Metroid that isn't related to the Prime series.
Open World Pokemon
Sin & Punishment
Super Mario Galaxy 3 (Ha! Ha! Not going to happen. >.<)

I've given up on Starfox probably because Zero left a poor taste in my mouth and Starlink was just...average at best. Seriously Miyamoto really dropped the ball on that one. Hopefully, Panzer Dragoon will change that.

In terms of Indies, I'm still waiting on:
Papers, Please

That's the only one I could think of right now that isn't on the Switch that I want. Otherwise its doing great in that department.

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Metroid Prime Trilogy. Thank you that is all for now. But seriously, now that Nintendo and Microsoft are pretty cozy, i think Killer Instinct should come back home for a while.

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  • Persona 5
  • Persona 5
  • Persona 5

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My picks are.

1. Legend of Heroes: Trails of/Kiseki series. C'mon falcom and Xseed or NISA. Whoever has the localisation rights these days. make it happen!
(I'd play through the Ys series too I guess if they ported it. Loved Ys 8)

2. Gang Beasts for stupid party games nights

That's all for me I believe

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