Topic: Games that are perfect for handheld gaming but are'nt on the Switch

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Ok Konami hear me out

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, with MGS2, MGS3 and Peace Walker

but with Twin Snakes as a Switch exclusive game

That is all


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@Quimbolas I'm holding out for those rumors about MGS4 getting a PC release to be true personally. There might be complications around porting to other consoles considering not only was MGS4 already designed specifically around the complex architecture of the PS3's Cell Processor, but it was also on a 50GB dual layered disc, which Kojima himself claimed was too dense in data to be compressed easily to be ported to other platforms like Xbox 360.

MGS4 still being PS3-exclusive is pretty sad, especially considering Brawl actually had music from the game in the Shadow Moses Stage before it even released, but it'll probably take a crap ton of compression for it to fit on a Switch cartridge based on how the game was initially stored on PS3.

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If you asked me, right here on the spot.

Dead Island (Deep Silver)
MGS: Peace Walker (Konami)
Journey (Annapurna Interactive)
Vanquish (Sega)
Nier Automata (Square Enix)

Come on publishers, lets go!

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