Topic: Friend Exchange - Share friend codes for Switch multiplayer matches

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I added you @bigbadjohn and @faint too.

Thanks to those who've added me too

Switch: SW-2923-8106-2126
Steam ID: joediddley


What the heck! I say to myself that I won't add anybody until I get an multiplayer games like Splatoon 2. I got Bomberman R right now and I barely play that game.

Can you earn BP in friend battles?


Umm… Care to have some gravy?


Hello Everyone, Nintendo gamer since the NES days here. Been playing BoW, Metal Slug and Snipperclips lately. Feel free to add me! 305297906526

Switch FC: 305297906526

Fav 3DS Games:
LoZ: ALBW ~ FE: Awakening ~ AC: New Leaf ~ Luigi Mansion: DM ~ Mario 3D Land ~ Smash Bros 3D

Fav Switch Games:
LoZ: BoW ~ SM Odyssey ~ MK8 ~ Arms ~ LA Noire ~ Doom

3DS Friend Code: 1977-0174-1633 | Nintendo Network ID: astros75


Add me it would be nice to not have 0 friends on a nintendo plan on buyin lots of games have rmx for online right now and thats super fun! Will get mario kart 8 and that splatoon testfire has me sold cant believe i never tried it on wii u ADD ME lets play!!!!😎😎😎SW-2094-2746-5706

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Thank you for the adds! Hopefully we be playing multiplayer soon!

Umm… Care to have some gravy?


Hi all. I've just joined this site.

My friend code is SW-7762-3434-2707



Cmon peeps lets keep this thread going so all new comers have plenty of friend codes!



Hey everybody I'm new to this site and I'm looking for friends for some online gameplay. My FC is SW-4759-7895-2571



@Beefinn101 thanks for adding me. I don't have any online games yet, but that will change after Mario Kart comes out

Switch: SW-2923-8106-2126
Steam ID: joediddley


Hi all

Could you add me. I've had my account for a while but only discovered this thread today.

Friend code: SW-5152-2754-1040




Hi all.
Longtime Nintendo gamer. No multi player games yet but have MK8D pre ordered.
Code : 312651119538



Hey guys! Here's my friend code: SW-5714-9219-9497

I like Smash Wii U over Melee. FIGHT ME.
I'm addicted to amiibo. Full collection of the Smash me....please...
Also, I like to go fast, really fast.

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-5714-9219-9497
Nintendo Network ID: ChandlerHolman01

3DS Friend Code: 0103-9570-7604 | Nintendo Network ID: ChandlerHolman01


Hello guys, I'm a new member. Looki for friends to play games with on the switch. Feel free to add me, my friend code is : 8351-3022-0646



Hello everyone.

I am new here. First time using Nintendo in my life. I ve got ZELDA and 1- 2 SWITCH games now but end of this month i am gonna buy MARIO KART 8 also.

My Friend code is SW 8518 7114 7313

Nintedo Switch

Mario Kart 8 - Splatoon 2 - NBA2K18 - Doom - Skyrim - Zelda BOTW - Stardew Valley

3DS Friend Code: 8518-7114-7313 | Nintendo Network ID: axecalos | Twitter:


Here is another random friend code from me SW-2149-8784-0015. I don't have any multiplayer games at the moment, however I will be ready with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on day one.

I'm a huge Mario fan (with a lot of Super Mario Odyssey hype)
I currently have 100+ Mario games (I never thought that I had so many...)

My YouTube channel with no content

Switch Friend code SW-2149-8784-...

Nintendo Network ID: Som_64


I would just like to say thanks to everyone that has added me or accepted my friend requests, I can't wait until Mario Kart 8 Deluxe so some serious multiplayer can begin!



hello, I'm new here! I have 3 games so far- BOTW, KOF 98 and FastRMX. I plan on getting MK8 and new announced NBA game! my FC SW1583-7942-8403 user name is Outlaw- I add everybody!



Please add. Code in Sig!

Mario Kart is preordered and I can't wait for Splatoon 2!

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Switch Friend Code: 8094-9405-4904
Super Mario Run Code: 2439-3341-0390

Nintendo Network ID: samusaranzero | Twitter:


Hi, I'm new to the site!
I don't have any MP games yet, just Breath of The Wild and 1 2 Switch, hopefully soon though!
my FC: SW-8419-2642-4894
I'll add anyone back!

Switch FC: SW-8419-2642-4894


Gonna be playing lots of MK8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2

My Friend Code- SW-6745-2793-7785

Switch Launch Day Owner

DS, DSI, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Switch

Switch FC-

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