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Nintendo Switch: 2899-5745-8667 / Gameday J

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Nintendo Switch: 2899-5745-8667
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FC is below. Don`t think too much just add

my Switch fc: SW-6145-9649-2985
my 3ds friend code:1564-4008-8780
SuperMarioRun: 7635-1072-9440
AC PocketCamp: 6892-7280-610



my Switch fc: SW-6145-9649-2985
my 3ds friend code:1564-4008-8780
SuperMarioRun: 7635-1072-9440
AC PocketCamp: 6892-7280-610


Hi all

First time Nintendo owner, after years of Sega, Commodore and Sony... Thrilled with my Switch, but want to see that virtual console so I can dig into all the games I've missed.

Anyways, I'm happy for anyone to add me on my Switch ID: 5948-6652-1589.

Cheers. Back to Zelda...

Switch ID: 5948-6652-1589
3DS ID: 2492-5142-7789


There's so many of you...!

I've added as many of you as I can but I'll keep adding more whenever I check back in here. Splatoon 2 will be my first multiplayer game on Switch so it might be awhile before I can actually play with any of you. Still, it beats having no one on the friends list, huh?

@DiscoGentleman Oh you said to tag you so you know whose adding you, so here you gooo~

Never take anything I say seriously. S'all you buddy. ;)
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Feel free to add me as well, have Fast RMX, Bomberman, Snipperclips, Shovel Knight, and planning on MK8D and Splatoon 2 down the road.




hey guys my friend code is 7189-9050-2718
i just have fast rmx right now for mp will be getting mk8d and others



Hey guys I'm new here! I'm loving my Switch and can't wait for some multiplayer madness.
My friend code is 2968-9313-2790.
I only have Fast RMX at the moment but will be getting MK8D and Splatoon 2 as soon as available.
So feel free to add me.



I'm loving the console too, a superb experience so far. Haven't been able to stop playing Master Blaster Zero so haven't had any Bomberman battles for at least a week. I've played a few rounds of FAST RMX online, amazing what previous F-Zero training can do for you



Hey guys new here feel free to add me I only have zelda at the moment but I will be getting mario kart I might get splatoon (never played it before) once I played the test fire and I'm praying for a solid pokemon game!!!

Fc: sw-2272-4283-4921

Switch Fc: sw-2272-4283-4921


New myself, picked up the switch and looking to add more folks for future mp sessions. Got RMX and plan on getting MK8 Deluxe, Smash etc. SW-7850-5213-8908

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Only have Zelda now but looking into some e-shop games. Will be getting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe next month.



Here's my friend Code! Here's hoping I actually make some friends! XD

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-2601-9990-4610
Super Mario Run Friend Code: 1391-4403-4742
Fire Emblem Heroes Friend Code: 1332698932
Twitter: @Eric258kip


I haven't been on this forum for a while as I got a 3ds at launch but missed the Wii U.

Grateful if anyone adds me, especially for Mario Kart, maybe Puyo Puyo Tetris too:


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Switch: SW-2923-8106-2126
PSN: joediddley


@PauldUK happy to add a fellow uk gamer!
Also good to see this thread going strong



~What's up everyone! I own Zelda boys, I am Setsuna, Bomberman R, Blaster Master Zero, King Of Fighters '98, (Demos: Splatoon, puyopuyo Tetris, Dragon Quest Heros)

Switch Friend Code: 4362-2158-9808



Hit me up. Will be Mario Karting alot when released.




Anyone want to add me? I've currently got BoTW, Snipperclips and Bomberman. Splatoon and MK8 preordered.



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