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@Luna_110 The developers hinted that if Shadows of Valentia did well enough they wanted to do a Binding Blade remake. Which makes sense given Roy is still a popular Smash character.


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@Grumblevolcano: Having recently played Blazing Blade, I would fully support a Binding Blade remake.

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Tyranexx wrote:

@Grumblevolcano: Having recently played Blazing Blade, I would fully support a Binding Blade remake.

I'm playing through Binding Blade right now (got a copy in Japan), and a remake would be nice. The game... has some troubles, to say the least. It really needs a remake that at least rebalances the cast and makes half of the cast not suck.



They just need to re release all the games not published in the US. I really wanna play Thracia and holy war. I know there are the emulators but I wouldn't mind the remaster👍🏻

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I haven’t been active on NL recently, but I suppose I should update this thread with Three Houses though the main discussion is in the thread for that.

Pretty excited for the game though and can’t wait to see more.

Also I recently got back from a trip to Japan. I had bought some things for a friend along with some gifts so I was wanting to save my money a bit and didn’t get too much Fire Emblem merchandise, but I did get Path of Radiance which completes my collection of Fire Emblem if I include Virtual Console. And I got a cartridge for Gaiden.

I also got some more Cipher cards which I will probably post sometime in the near future.

In Heroes news, the next Legendary Hero is Lucina as a blue bow unit.

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So how are we feeling after the direct trailer? I think the teacher mechanic could potentially be really awesome and set up some great strategic opportunities for building your army. However, it could easily be screwed up if not done correctly. I’m also curious about the relationship possibilities with the student/teacher angle. That could be risky.

As for the avatar... I’d rather have a silent protagonist than a Corrin type protagonist. His design is kinda bland in my opinion but the other main characters look great! All of the students seem to be wearing a different version of the same outfit. I personally think this is a cheap cop out and bad idea. Side characters have been the heart of fire emblem for awhile and I’d hate to see such a huge part of the game be wasted on lazy designs. Hopefully they change after you reclass them.

The gameplay itself look pretty interesting. Characters seem to have more access to different weapon types. And the whole learning abilities and increasing stats through school looks cool. i’m excited to explore the new classes. I noticed combat arts are making a return from shadows of valentia so that’s nice. The ability to have a characters squadrant form into some sort of shape to gain an advantage over their enemy looks cool and could potentially lead to some great strategies. The maps kinda looked bland but that could change. The last thing I wanted to point out was how dead the world looked. I mean the characters look nice with their 3d anime polished models but otherwise, the world itself seemed a little empty. like they’re reusing the engine from fire emblem warriors. Hope it lively ups a bit. anyways, thats my take on the game so far! love the map and the world, as well as the concept of the three different countries or whatever! can’t wait until July!



It's definitely something new, so I think we should give it time.

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