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I don't think the main things everyone is talking about... that being Metroid and Zelda will be out this year.

At the very least I get the impression Metroid 5 is a lot further in development than what most people thought. I know we wont have to wait until 2023 or something.

I feel like they are kind of in a trap where they feel they need to flex the console's technology. (That being joycon HD rumble and all that.)

It's not a bad thing to present the features of the console but if that means pushing generally below-average content for them, like with 1-2 Switch(bad), Mario Tennis(decent but could have been better), or a lot of the party titles on the Wii U etc. Not that all these games are bad or anything more so that feel too much like in-fill titles or just Nintendo saying... "Hey! we got motion controls!"

People still have plenty of wii nostalgia... So bringing back some form of Wii Sports Resort or Mii games would be a good pitch for the joycon features and sell very well too.

Nintendo hasn't shot themselves in the foot though. What was on display certainly didn't look bad. I would go out to buy the Mario Golf game. I think talking too long about the Zelda Game and Watch was kind of awkward. The games were alright. Third party offerings looked cool. Not their best E3 but I can say its far from their worst and did better than their competition this year.



@puNINTENDed I mean, Metroid 5 is far in development, given it's.. coming out this year? Unless you meant like Prime 4, which isn't Metroid 5..

Also, BotW 2 was confirmed to be aiming for a 2022 release, so it's not coming this year.

(Insert creative or cool phrase here.)


@puNINTENDed Metroid 5 is coming out on October 8th. That's only 4 months out, there's no way it's getting delayed to 2022.



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