Topic: Can I use the US-version DLC for my EU game.

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Sorry if you guys didn't exactly understand what I'm trying to say since I stink at phrasing. Anyway, I'm planning to buy the expansion pack of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I was going to hit buy until I had a strange feeling in my gut. I decided to go browse the internet about how DLC work until I came across countless discussions of Splatoon 2's DLC (Octo Expansion) being region-locked. I also heard that some bought the DLC of BoTW on their out-of-region account and worked out fine, now I'm worried that there's a possibility that I would come across an error to be told that the DLC I have yet to purchase is incompatible. My eShop account is US while my game cart is EU. Do you think I should make an EU account to save myself from a lot of pain or purchase it anyway on the default one.

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Splatoon doesn't work because it has regional content (some Japanese exclusive gear as well as different Splatfests when they were still running), BotW didn't. As long as the game is the same across regions, any DLC will work. I don't know about Fire Emblem specifically though.


If it's available on your eshop, you can buy it.

You're worried about US eshop and EU cart compatibility. Don't be worried. You can use a cart from Canada, EU, AUS, etc. Games are not region locked for the switch. In the simplest terms, they only make one english game. Doesn't matter where the cart was bought. As long as the game supports english, you're good.

(To save space, some asian carts don't have the english pack on them. If the game was made for english, your switch will download the english language pack)

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There is no easy answer to this. In most cases, I would imagine yes, but you shouldn't assume that it will always be the case as there may be some variance between the U.S. and European versions of games (I am not aware of any myself as I only have Australian and Japanese eShop accounts, and therefore can only attest for Europe as the Australian eShop basically gets whatever the European eShop gets).

My suggestion is that, in the Home menu screen, you press + over the game whose compatibility you wish to check. Select Software Information > Nintendo eShop. If you are directed to the game page for the game that you have selected, then in all likelihood, the European retail cart is identical to the US version, however, if an error appears, then the two versions are likely different, and any DLC will be incompatible.

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