Topic: Can I use one SD card for my 2DS and Switch at the same time?

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I can't afford to buy a new SD card right now so is it ok for me to use 1 sd card for both systems if I transfer the files to my computer before using it?



@cgraham502 Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain that's a no. Even if you've got the space on a card.

At least, with the switch, you can redownload games fairly easily, and you can get a small card really cheap these days. So, you could get by with a small card. If you don't have a card, the Switch is still functional with the 32 GB internal memory it comes with. Granted it's actual space is more like 27 GB? But if you're in that tight of a situation, I'm sorry to hear, and understand. Have you tried asking around? Friends and family may have cards they don't use after they've upgraded capacities in the past 5+ years.

EDIT: When I look on amazon in the US, here, a 64 GB sandisk is $12.99. But if you do buy on Amazon, ONLY BUY FROM A TRUSTED PAGE, or trusted store, since bogus cards are a serious problem on Amazon. This amazon page I've used has 228,000 reviews, 4.5 star rating which. Stay away from all amazing sd card deals on Amazon if they don't have thousands of reviews, with a decent rating, especially if you've never heard of the brand.

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Each system needs to format the card. You would have to dump the files on a PC, format it, copy them back over to the card, play your games, then dump it again to save your save files and data, then repeat for the next system. Not to mention it can take over an hour to transfer these files on a 32GB card. Cards are dirt cheap these days.

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@cgraham502 sd cards are inexpensive right now is there another reason why you are being cheap on Switch? I think there is more to this then swapping sd cards. Of which others mentioned it has to be formatted to that specific hardware and are not interchangeable.



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