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So I am a lifelong Zelda fan and am having a baby boy soon and already am studding his room with Zelda paraphernalia. However, BOTW was a huge dissapointment for me. I know so many others loved it but I missed the essential Zelda formula:story and dungeons. It was like ordering a burger, getting a cheese danish and then being told, "Don't he stuck in the past this is BETTER.". That aside, I am hoping the BOTW Sequel or at the very least future Zelda's will re-include dugeons and it simply must have a story that's not optional. There's no "Legend" in a crappy and optional story. I was wonderig everyone else's predictions for the future of Zelda. Will it forever be open world now with breakable weapons and no heart no story? Or will it have an open world and include Zelda game with it next time?

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You are NOT the only fan disappointed by Breath of the Wild, there are tons. It was commercially successful though.



There’s a thread where folks are discussing BotW2.
As for story, hasn’t it always been pretty trivial and simplistic? Collect Mcguffins from temples so you can save the princess/beat Ganon/stop a moon. Not like LoZ is up there in the storytelling department with Heavy Rain and LA Noire 😂


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@HobbitGamer I don't agree, storytelling has been essential in most 3D Zelda games: OoT, MM, TP... BotW is the weakest entry in this sense... and many others.



@BlueOcean I agree. The stories have always been fun and epic. I've loved them all. BOTW has no Legend in it



Tsurii wrote:

@BlueOcean storytelling was essential in OoT? Get the hell out lmao

Of course it is unless you are blind, deaf or... dumb like you admit on your profile. LMAO

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I think people are confusing simplistic story telling with bad story telling. Most Zelda games have a simplistic but good story. I thought the story in BotW was okay, but it could have been better. I totally agree about dungeons though. Bring back the dungeons!

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BlueOcean wrote:

You are NOT the only fan disappointed by Breath of the Wild, there are tons. It was commercially successful though.

A pretty big exaggeration there.

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They will probably all be open world until they stop selling well.

The game was fun, but for me it has no replayability. I want to want to play BOTW again, but when I start playing it I am instantly bored. The value is all in the initial discovery.

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Let's continue this in the main botw2 thread


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