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Hi, I have a special needs son who is 13, but his reflexes, dexterity and analytical skills are not age appropriate. We would like to find some games that he can enjoy. He enjoy Mario Kart 8 (but usually comes in last - he doesn't care, though), has Mario Odyssey (it's a little hard for him to play), and is getting Mario Party for Christmas. Just for reference, his favorite Xbox games are Skylanders played on the easiest mode, and the regular Mario games are too hard for him because his reflexes aren't fast enough (he does okay with Mario Odyssey because it is open world format). Does anyone have any games they could suggest that he might enjoy and be successful playing?



There’s an e shop game called touch battle tank that may be suitable. Had some fun with this myself and the control scheme is quite straightforward compared to some other games.

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Another game that comes to mind is Carnival Games (though I haven’t played this one). Seems like it may be a good shout.

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Hello! Color Zen and Color Zen Kids is a pretty cool color and shape based puzzle game on the 3ds, but it is also available on ios and I believe coming to Switch soon. No controllers and is all touch based. It's pretty simple, yet can become more complexed and is touch controlled. A very great way to relax and take your time playing.

FYI, in Mario Kart 8, you can turn on 'smart driving' which helps keep the kart on the road, and another option to keep the kart constantly driving forward. I turn this on for my young nephew and it helps him place farther. It also helps him from getting overly upset glad your son sounds like he can handle placing lower!

I would also recommend puzzle games and RPG's if he's into them. Lots of them do not require fast reaction, so you could take your time and use strategy instead and usually enjoy a well told story. Octopath Traveler is a great rpg, Mario+Rabbits is a fun turn based strategy game, Child of Light is great. West of Loathing, is a really funny rpg.

Old Man's Journey is a very soothing easy going puzzle platformer that tells a simple and beautiful story. Gorogoa is beautiful and trippy, like MC escher drawings coming to life. Captain Toad is another fun one.

Xbox also recently released the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is really awesome for special needs, disabled, ect..

Feel free to ask anything else. I feel where your coming from, in a sense, with an autistic nephew. Have a good one!

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@Silly_G Might have some recommendations

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Maybe Let's Go! Pikachu? You can play at your own pace, and has lots of different characters like Skylanders. I think the whole rock paper scissors combat of water being stronger than fire etc would help his intellectual development maybe. It's simultaneous two player for social development.

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Here are some games that may be appropriate for special needs children:

Captain Toad (seems to be mentioned often in this context)
Kirby Star Allies (has demo and a co-op assist mode)
Snipperclips (has demo)
MK8 (with assisted steering and auto-acceleration turned on)
Super Mario Odyssey (specifically with co-op assist: you’re Mario and he’s Cappy)
Let’s Go, Pikachu!

I’ll edit this list as I hear of, or think of, others.

On a personal note, let me just say how cool it is that you’re here, asking these questions and trying to create a fun experience for your son. I don’t know anything about your video game skills, but your Parenting level is way up there.

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@janagar Hi, I would suggest a sandbox game like LEGO Worlds or Minecraft.

I don't really have any experience of Minecraft, but it's mega popular with 6-13 yr olds (amongst others).

But I do have LEGO Worlds and it's great fun. You can play adventure mode, which can feature occasional light combat (but there's no penalty for losing), or sandbox mode.

I guess the building aspect might be a challenge for your son's dexterity, but as you can build whatever you like I would suggest it could actually encourage dexterity improvements.

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I’d recommend Death Squared. It’s a multiplayer puzzle game that requires some problem solving, but is mostly trial-and-error and does not penalize deaths (has infinite tries).

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I think that Minecraft is a better recommendation than Captain Toad. Captain Toad can get tricky fast while Minecraft is a game that he may play in a easy way at his own pace.



I have a sister with disabilities, and some family and friends as well, so I'll put in my thoughts. Oddly, I didn't receive a notification to this thread despite the attempt by @HobbitGamer to summon me here.

I bought my sister a 2DS and eventually Pokémon Sun. She really struggles with games that require analogue controls, and yet she has nearly completed the game. I cannot emphasise enough how big a deal this is. I am considering getting her a Switch, but the forced single Joy-Con controls of Let's Go, Pikachu have put me off from getting her one.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a fantastic option, especially with smart-steering and auto-acceleration turned on. This is such a boon for players of ALL skill levels and abilities to be able to play. Even a blind person can play! (Though I wish there were cues to indicate what items are on hand, for example, and whether there are impending obstacles, which can be communicated to a blind player via HD rumble).

Ryzaerian wrote:

Here are some games that may be appropriate for special needs children:

Captain Toad (seems to be mentioned often in this context)

Absolutely not this. This game would be a nightmare for people with special needs, especially one with poor hand-eye coordination and dexterity as the OP has described (and the game does demand quick reflexes on occasion). It also requires analytical skills in order to make sense of the levels, which are designed in a diaorama style.

A special needs person could certainly play as player two and hurl radishes at the screen and whatnot, but it is not an ideal experience for one to play solo, and I doubt that the second player will get much enjoyment out of playing the game passively in this way.

Fortunately, there is a demo, so you can make up your own mind as to whether the game would be a suitable experience.

Ryzaerian wrote:

Kirby Star Allies (has demo and a co-op assist mode)

Another really, really good option. Some levels may prove to be problematic for those with poor reflexes, but once your son gets the hang of recruiting friends, the game should be a breeze.

Ryzaerian wrote:

Snipperclips (has demo)
Super Mario Odyssey (specifically with co-op assist: you’re Mario and he’s Cappy)

Snipperclips has a demo, so you can make up your own mind on that one. I doubt that special needs people will enjoy or be able to comfortably play such a game, however.

Super Mario Odyssey may be too difficult for your son to play, for similar reasons to Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. He may enjoy New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, however (which is coming in early January).

Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee is a lot of fun and is easy enough for novice players. A second player can also assist at any time via drop-in/drop-out local co-op.

I would also recommend the following for those with special needs:
Just Dance 2017 / 2018 / 2019
Fun! Fun! Animal Park (known as Waku Waku Doubutsu Rando, which has full English support and can be imported from Japan)
Wheel of Fortune + Jeopardy (if your son likes quiz games)
Hasbro Game Night (which includes Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and Risk)
Goosebumps (if you think he would like a relaxed paced point and click style of game)
Super Mario Party
Mario Tennis Aces (maybe)
Pokémon Quest (which is free to download)
1-2 Switch

There are others, but I am not confident that people with special needs will enjoy them (especially Minecraft), but the above are, I feel, the best big-name options that are currently available (whilst being age-appropriate as well). I wish you guys the best.

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Maybe tropical freeze on easy would with funky kong could be fun and relaxing at the same time. Golf story could be a good one too for it's laid back approach. It's a fun little rpg with golfing as it's main gameplay. If i think of more ill let you know.



Try these Switch games:
1. Portal Knights (Creative Mode)
2. Yonder the Cloud Catcher Chronicles
3. Pokemon Let's Go

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10. Anthro animals

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I love Tropical Freeze but it wouldn't be a good recommendation for him even with Funky, same for New Super Mario Bros. U. Timing in those games is crucial.



@BlueOcean yea I wasn't sure. You Could be right. But golf story could be a good one i think.



@nintendobynature I haven't played Golf Story so I can't comment but if it's not the typical complex RPG that would be good.

Mario Kart 8 is very easy to play so @janagar try activating the assisting features so it is a piece of cake. He might have more fun using a Switch Wheel. Minecraft would be pretty good too. And Viva Piñata but that is on Xbox.

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@BlueOcean I agree mk8 is probably best. Even Mario tennis with the big ball and swing mode..



@nintendobynature Yep. I think he might have more fun using the Switch Wheel because it may make the game more intuitive.



Color Zen I would recommend. I heard that it's free on the eShop once it lands soon.

Pokemon let's go is good too coming with the two player mode.

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Wow, thank you so much, Everyone! These are excellent recommendations. Many thanks!



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