Topic: Attach Rates are Stupid and Games Don't Need to Sell Millions

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@skywake that's fair enough, for me I'm not gonna play something like Tomb Raider even if it runs ok. That's only because I want to play the best version and a game like that doesn't necessarily feel better for me because of portability. I'd love it to be portable because I love having that option but not at the detriment (even if negligible) of the game. I'm not saying your wrong but I prefer to play the beefed up version. I would, however, probably get something like Tomb Raider on Switch but only long after release at a cheap price (probably preowned too which none of money goes to the publisher). Which would be more out of interest as I would have played it on PS4.
But I would be totally happy double dipping in old ports of PS3 games like classic redux versions of DMC and Ninja Gaiden as they could run perfectly fine on the Switch and I f ing love to play those on the go. I would buy day one on things like that! ­čśŁ

@Haru17 yeah I think maybe your right we are getting carried away way too early in the Switch's lifespan but I guess it's fun to speculate. I. Loving the pro controller too. Don't really mind the PS controller too much but having spent a lot of time with the Switch and Wii U pro controllers recently I'm am finding the PlayStation controller not the best. I get more hand cramp (left hand specifically) with the GamePad screen on my Wii U worst I have ever experienced in my gaming life, that's a lot of controllers over the years! ­čĄú

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Well I felt the same way about games that ran decently on the 3DS. I was far happier having a game like Shovel Knight on my 3DS than I was having it on Wii U or PC. Purely because I wasn't losing much with the 3DS version but I could play it wherever I wanted. There weren't many games that ran just as well on 3DS but when they did? Give me the 3DS version.

On the Switch it's similar but the list of games that could run decently on Switch is a lot bigger. There's also the fact that with games on the Switch you can play them on the TV if you want. And also the fact that Switch games are running at a much higher resolution than 3DS games. In an alternate universe where Smash Bros 4 is on Wii U, 3DS, Switch, PS4, XBOne and PC? Give me the Switch version.

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@skywake The fact that we're getting so many third party ports and they're selling proves that third parties want a cut of the action.

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