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@meelebrawler Yeah, I agree with what you've said above.

The cracker have a super short recovery time and you can thus shoot them constantly (I believe even fast than the hydras). I agree that they lose the fight against stronger arms, however, on a fast character like RG I had my problems to hit my target in the air making me jump to counter and that's when a good RG hits you.

I totally agree that ARMS is a great game and hope it will be a huge success - it just isn't the right game for me. I play for fun after work or on the weekend. For me, playing against the same character over and over again wasn't fun but boring. I believe I will enjoy Splatoon 2 more. It is highly unlikely to see the same action over and over again in that game due to three different modes in ranked. Also, there are more players involved which gives you more variety right there. I think I would have enjoyed a ranked party mode in ARMS.



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