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Hey, @Anti-Matter & @Dogorilla -

So far I’m loving it. I beat the Grand Prix last night for fun.

Can you clearly explain the difference of “short / medium / long timer” to me for the Arms shop? FYI, I got a ton of badges last night, I’m at $394 right now or 394 credits however it’s labeled in the game. I’ve seen stuff on Reddit saying medium makes no sense to get, some say short & long, most say only so long... I’m confused. Please explain the pro’s and con’s.


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Short = You get very few seconds to get unlockable weapons. Not recommended
Medium = You get longer time than short.
Longer = You get more than one minute to get hidden weapons. Recommended.
During getting arms, if you hit the stopwatch you will get additional 5 seconds so use the time wisely.

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Thanks! I never tried it yet and kept my credits. Will try today. I think I’m going to YouTube it to watch in advance on what to do. Is it almost like a mini game how you get/unlock more ARMS until the timer ticks down to zero? That’s what it’s sounding like. Thanks again. @Anti-Matter

Never mind, just watched. 😉

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I've picked this up after not playing it for at least 6 months and it really is a great fighting game. I was surprised to see I'm still picking up badges, I was pretty sure got the vast bulk of them already.

It doesn't have as much content to unlock like Smash but in all honesty I think's the better fighter out of the two.

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I'm a little late to the party here, but I recently snagged a used copy of ARMS and am really enjoying it. But when I try to play online, it takes ages to link me up with another player in Party Match. It failed entirely to find a Ranked Mank session for me. Is this mainly because there aren't enough people still playing this in 2020? That's a shame because I'd really like to dig into online modes. Perhaps my best bet would be trying to play at different hours of the day to see if there are more players online.



@nib0 I haven't played online in a while, but keep checking. There is going to be an online tournament in October that may bring more players in.


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