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I know this is a little early to speculate, but I might as well get the ball rolling here.

So Nintendo, like it or not, has been on a pretty predictable annoucement/info releasing (for upcoming games) schedule.

For example; early winter direct highlights spring heavy information of Q1/2 games while announcing Q3/4 games. Than, they'll have a small Direct in between that Direct and E3 to keep the fans satisfied. @E3, they'll focus on games coming out in Summer/Autumn and annouce games for early 2018 (and maybe beyond) finally, they'll have a Direct in the fall focusing on Winter/early spring games, and MAYBE annouce games for later next year.

People get so upset every year when Nintendo says "We're focusing on these upcoming games this year" and I'm not sure why. they do it every year.

Anyway since 2017 looks to be filled out

June: ARMS
July: Splatoon 2
August: Mario + Rabbids
September: Pokken
October: Mario odyssey
November: FE Watriors??
December: Xenoblade 2?
And all the 3rd part games in between.

What do you think 2018 has to offer?

Kirby, and Yoshi have been confirmed. Maybe Metroid will be the big focus of E3 2018? New Smash, or a port of 4? Pikmin 4? Animal Crossing Switch? Fire Emblem Switch? Remasters? A new IP? It's all up in the air at this point, but I just love speculation!

Don't take this topic the wrong way either. I'm excited for the 2017 games the Switch is getting, (Way more support than the Wii U got) I just like to think about the possibilities. Especially because Nintendo actually seems like they're listening to their fans.

Thanks! Leave your thoughts below!



Hoping for a new Donkey King, Mario Kart, Paper Mario or Zelda game in 2018.



I think if Animal Crossing is coming, and chances are high that it is, next year would be the time to release it. I would be extremely surprised if they waited any longer. Smash and Pikmin are also fairly likely possibilities.



I think we may get a new Donkey Kong game next year, plus news on whatever Retro is doing if they're actually doing something.
Plus, we may see more stuff from third parties I think - whether it be ports or original stuff, since Platinum was teasing something, plus we may have Project Octopath.
Since third parties now have had time to see how the Switch is doing, and to get their hands in devkits, we may see results.

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I don't think Metroid Prime 4 will be out in 2018, first of all.

I think there will be one more big HD remake in 2018, random guesses it being Smash 4 or an HD remake of Luigi's Mansion (with either Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon or Mario Sunshine as well!) or Kid Icarus Uprising. Yes, Kid Icarus Uprising, relative easy way to keep that series vaguely alive without making a new game. WE DONT JUST RELY ON MARIO AND ZELDA WE SWEAR.

I actually think Retro's game is gonna be 2018. Unless they're making an MMO or something, I can't imagine it taking FIVE YEARS to release their next game.

Platinum's Game is totally coming. I don't think they have a new confirmed game, but have mentioned making a game on Switch. They seem to release a game every year, so I'm assuming this will be it. I hope it's a Kill la Kill game...

The thing is, I'm not sure what else they can do. I can't see anything bigger announced from the first party teams. The Mario team and Zeldas are all 2017, Animal Crossing's devs make Splatoon, Mario Kart's is Arms. Anyone know what the Wii Sports/Nintendo Land people are doing nowadays?

MAYBE MAKE MARIO PARTY 11 ONLINE...AND ALSO FUN AGAIN. Otherwise, I have no idea. Fire Emblem? But regardless, it makes me think 2018 is gonna be the year of needing to rely a lot on 3rd party support. Because, I just can't see Nintendo doing everything. For that matter, Switch this year has Minecraft, Rocket League and 2 Sonics, so they need something big.

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Platinum's game ether be Bayo 3!! Isn't Pokemon coming out next year? Or expected to? If they can get that, Smash 4, and Animal Crossing, with a few other titles in between (Fire Emblem, Pikmin, Donkey Kong, and maybe Mario Party) I could totally see Nintendo being fine in 2018. I know one thing , I'm hype!! @kkslider5552000



Hmm... from the looks of it Kirby might be the most ready of those titles. Yoshi seems to need a bit of polish and we know nothing about that Fire Emblem title.

So let's go rampant with some calendar here. This is more of a "reasonable wishlist" than an actual speculation based on any evidence.

January: Kirby / Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics (Why don't we have any info on this?)
February: Mii Sports game
March: Virtual Console release
April: Paper Mario Color Splash port (With other Paper Marios on Virtual Console)
May: Captain Toad sequel
June: Yoshi
July: SNES Remix
August: Pikmin 4
September: Ubisoft game / FIFA / MADDEN
October: Mario Maker DX
November: Pokemon
December: Fire Emblem

They will announce Animal Crossing and Mario Party titles to be in development and Metroid will be 2019 holiday title. E3 focus will be heavily on Pokemon and Fire Emblem which will both be massive hits. Smash port will come out early 2019.

All in all. Looks like a damn good year

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Fire Emblem was already confirmed for next year back when it was announced. Between it, Kirby, and Yoshi, they have an quarter's worth of releases.

Assuming there's a game a month, I'd guess we'll get Smash Deluxe, Animal Crossing, Pikmin 4, Mario Party 11, Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Retro's title, and probably a port/remaster (Metroid Prime Trilogy HD?).

Prime 4 and the mainline Pokemon are 2019, possibly 2020 for Prime.

That 2018 lineup is solid, but overall less appealing than the 2017 lineup I think.

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With so many big hitters coming in the first year,I'm hoping that means next year we'll see the revival of some long dormant IP mixed with 1 or 2 new IP,to go along with the old favourites like Yoshi' and Kirby.I'm confident there's going to be a big online title to launch along with the new service,perhaps even 2.Smash makes sense but at the same time,it will likely just be a port.Will that be enough to get the fans excited and encourage them to stump up the $20 when they've been playing the same game on Wii U for free?By January 2018,Splatoon 2 will be nearly 6 months old,Arms and MK8D even older,to keep the online community's going for those games,it's going to take more than just a port of Smash 4.F-Zero Online could be that game though.It might not be a game for everyone but its announcement would be huge news.Smash 4 Deluxe the month before the service arrives,letting everyone play it online for a month for free,then launch the premium service together with F-Zero and a free 30 days subscription included.Whatever this big online title will be,I've got a feeling it's what Retro's been working on all this time.

Metroid Prime 4 has been confirmed,Zelda and Mario have had their biggest shake up since the 64,a core Pokemon RPG is going to be playable on the TV,anything is possible with Nintendo this gen.

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Metroid Prime, and Pokemon project just confirmed for 2018! Now we have those two, Fire Emblem, Kirby, and Yoshi! Unless there's a unexpected delay.




Uh...Prime and Pokemon confirmed for 2018? Either you're off your rocker, or I missed what should be the biggest headline in gaming today.



Go to Gamexplains channel. Someone interviewed someone high up at Nintendo and kinda confirmed it. I think. @rallydefault



@Aaron09 good questions to speculate on. I do figure Metroid and Pokémon will end up being 2019 games, though.

Kirby seemed pretty far along, so late winter or early spring. Yoshi might be late spring to Summer.

I still think a Smash port is a no-brainer. Maybe this summer.

Retro's game is hard to figure out. I don't think it's another Donkey Kong, it's taking too long for a sequel like that. I'd say it's a very big project to take this long. Holiday surprise, revealed at E3.

Fireb Emblem should be fall 2018.

If Nintendo is really getting 3rd party support It will be obvious by next year's E3.



If neither Pokemon or Matroid 4 aren't 2018 releases then what would Nintendo's big holiday games be? Or for that matter, the big game for the first half of the year? I hope they do a Metroid trilogy HD package but that's not a system seller.



@BlueKnight07 Whatever Retro is doing, if it's a big project I doubt Nintendo will wait until E3 to show it unless it's for the following year. Nintendo likes to build up hype over a period of months through trickling out information ending with usually a dedicated direct.



Animal Crossing? Retro's new game? Donkey kong? I'm not sure... @FragRed



Timppis wrote:

May: Captain Toad sequel

I can honestly see Captain Toad coming along in the form of DLC for Odyssey. The install base on that game is gonna be nuts so would be a great way to spread the love, share the Joy, as opposed to making it a standalone game.
Just my opinion of course, before people lose their minds!

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So far we have Kirby, Yoshi and Fire Emblem (I think) confirmed for 2018. I think that Pokémon guy from the spotlight was also saying the Pokémon game would be out in 2018. I cannot imagine Nintendo would fail to think of the sales potential a port of Smash 4 would bring, especially after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Pikmin 4 might also be due next year as its development seems to go smoothly. Shin Megami Tensei for Switch? Maybe, maybe in 2019, I don't know.

As for what I'd LIKE to see, looking at how 'adventurous' and 'original' Nintendo has been with Switch ads, Breath of the Wild and Odyssey, I think it's save to give this Nintendo another chance at a Paper Mario installment like the first two games and Mario sports titles of the GameCube era. Maybe they'd even take Mario Party back to its glory days. Another Wario Ware would fit Switch very well, I think. Another Luigi's Mansion would be sweet as well. These are, of course, all Mario titles but with Splatoon 2 next month, Xenoblade 2 I pray to god in November/December, Yoshi, Pokemon and Kirby in 2018 and Smash 4 and Pikmin 4 speculated for 2018, I really have no other franchise I'd like to see an installment on Switch. Well, maybe Kid Icarus and, if all my wildest dreams come true, Golden Sun but I won't get my hopes up.

Edit: All this Captain Toad sequel talk (would love to see that, how could I forget that?) got me the idea of a co-op Captain Toad sequel that'd be perfect on Switch: One player controls Toad, the other Toadette and the levels would be based around co-op, or at least a good amount of levels.

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