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New at this but ...Love animal crossing games, today on animal crossing pocket camp, after much dedication and work, at ok motors brake trapper, received the Giovanni golden statue, my profile picture show's my character next it wearing the ok motors cap and shirt as well. This requires friendship powder, which is mostly achieved by watering friends plants so takes awhile, which to obtain the 10,000 caps to redeem, and much patience, as it is sort of a slot machine. If I'm at wrong place to post achievements, please reply with where to post them, Thank you.



@Calypso66 Congratulations

my friend code: SW-8362-0555-1229

acnh island: WestView
DA: DA-2430-4120-1030
HHN ID: RA-3530-1047-7826
fruit: Apples
Northern Hem

Tell me before you add me please or I won't accept. :)


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