Topic: What if Nintendo actually made use of the multi-screens patent in several ways? (Switch Buddy(ies))

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I had this thought a while back that Nintendo could make a cheap inexpensive extra touch screen companion or buddy device for the switch bacause then they would have enough screens to allow 3ds and/or ds games to run on their own screens if they decided to make the switch backwards compatible digitally with 3ds and ds games if such backwards compatibility was possible.

I then thought the device could then again prove useful as an optional buddy or companion device with pokemon, fire emblem, and various other games. With pokemon and fire emblem as long as the optional touch screens had strong enough hardware the switch could send pokemon and fire emblems characters to the optional buddy device wirelessly from their switch where they could play mini games while out and about to level up their warriors and pokemons then return home and reload the warriors and pokemon into their respective switch games again. This feature could be optional of course and no game would or should require or lock any rewards or in game content to using this feature but it could be a cool option as long as it was purely optional.

The multi screens could also serve in similar functions as the wii U gamepad did displaying maps, inventory, spells, pokeomon attacks, a strategy/order/unit deployment screen for a musou/warrior games, or battle chips(battle Network) while the switch's screen or tv screen while switch is docked displayed the action. If there was some connectivity with the joycons then players could use the joy cons as controllers. Also depending on how much hardware was put into these multiscreens they could actually come with a 3ds slot in the back for physical 3ds and ds games thus providing backwards compatibility options physically and digtitally serving as a sort of micro 3ds as the micro game boy advance did. Perhaps with the multiscreens the switch could also emulate some wii U games as well.

Lastily the screens could offer some multiplayer function. Remember how both players could see each other's attacks in Pokemon Colliseum? Well with multi-screen support Colliseum 3 would give each player their own private screen if the player choose to purchase this purely optional add on companion device as well. The multscreens could also give players more screen space without those local multiplayer games dividing the switch screen or television screen between two players and the other two players between the multi screens. Again the multiscreens could never be the center of any game by rules but could provide great options as a compainion device to compatible switch, 3ds, ds, and wii u games.

If possible if multiple screens were made and used then maybe cell phones could also be given an app to be an option as well. The cell phone app would purposely not be able to do every thing the multiscreens or a single screen companion switch screen could do like give local players their on screen with switch games or run 3ds, ds or help run wii u digital games but cell phones and tech pads could offer that mini game companion option to pokemon and fire emblem warriors games as well provide features like maps or inventory screens for sompatible games.

Also I thought it would be cool if the Switch Buddies were able to be purcahsed on their own but otherwise came packaged with 1-3 big game switch releases like the new pokemon game or fire emblem action game but that ship has sailed since fire emblem is already out although if they do a complete dlc edition re branding and re release, it could still happen.

On second thought depending on or due to the cost of making a switch buddy perhaps it could come packaged with a lower profile or tier (acutal nintendo switch game and not switch buddy mini game) game that was continously updated over time with more content(like tower defense TPS for the switch which used some Nintendo mascots) with the game basically serving as a freebie in addition to the switch buddy purchase, sense over time a switch buddy could prove itself with bigger games but the free game could serve as an example of actually displaying through gameplay and companion mini games how it could potentially offer additional options for players with bigger games.

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