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In case anyone cares, a survey has been sent by email to MyNintendo users in the United States (and possibly elsewhere, I have no way of knowing) regarding to ‘help make...rewards even better’.

I haven’t clicked the survey yet (and will update here once I have), but it’s possible a resounding response here could result in some of the more desirable Japan-only rewards coming to the west.

I probably have one of the only Nintendo accounts in the world to be able to redownload both the software called 'Sega Mega Drive Classics' and the software called "Sega Ages: Lightening Force."

If you send me a friend request, please @ me so I know who you are. Cheers!

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@Northwind I clicked it five minutes ago. The loaded the page said they got the required number of responses, and it's no longer available. Surveys are usually active for a week or two, but this one expired rather quickly, within 40 minutes of receiving the email - very surprising in the context of my experience with Nintendo surveys.

Since the survey was about "My Nintendo Rewards", I was ready to let them know my how my points rot & expire because the things I want are 700 points or higher, and I never got above 600.

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@Northwind I got one how about letting us get discounts for switch games just like 3ds, that would be great.

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