Topic: Nintendo eShop ending YouTube app services for Nintendo 3DS family systems.

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To all of the people that have been part of this for a long time, I'm new so please be patient. I didn't know where to ask my question or get an answer.
I just read my Notifications on my 3DS. It is telling me that at the end of August the Nintendo eShop will be removing the YouTube app for the Nintendo 3DS family systems. I was fine when they did this to the WII system because I don't use it on that system any longer. However, I am not fine with it this time. I still use it on all of my DS systems. And before any of you say why don't I just buy a Switch or Switch Lite. I already did that and I use the YouTube app on them as well. Yes, I bought one of each. The problem is I am stuck at home with the rest of the people from my state in the US. [A bright side to the Coronavirus is Drive-in movie theaters are coming back.] Can't Nintendo wait till after the mandatory stay at home is over to stop services to these systems? Having YouTube on the DS systems helps me play games on whichever Switch I am playing Animal Crossing: NH. I need my tablet and Chrome book for Zoom meetings and Google Meetings for work. [The state I live in has over 141 thousand cases of the virus. With almost ten thousand deaths. I work at an elementary school, so I will be home for four more months if not longer.]
Can Nintendo also change "Street Pass" I liked getting to see what different people came up with for their MII's. Can't they come up with a way to "virtual street pass"?
I would also like to ask a question about Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I just started playing this game again. In the past, I never tried to go to any other towns. Now I can not seem to be able to do that. Was this part of the game removed or am I not doing something right? Any tips are welcomed, not just for me but also for my autistic brother as well.



Well, we can't stop them doing that, @K_Adel_B_C .... Here's the whole message, though:
“At the end of August, the YouTube app for Nintendo 3DS family systems will be removed from Nintendo eShop as the service is ending.

Owners of New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 2DS XL systems will still be able to watch YouTube through the built-in Internet browser.

Thank you for using the YouTube app.”
So, like it says, you can still watch YT videos!

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It's probably not Nintendo but Google. As they probably don't want to pay Nintendo for the app anymore especially for a system that is coming to the end of it's lifespan.

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@K_Adel_B_C They aren't taking YouTube app from your 3ds. They're just removing it from eshop. If something is pulled from eshop, it just means you cant download it from eshop. If you already have the youtube app on your 3ds, it should still keep working on your 3ds, even if it's no longer available on eshop.

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