Topic: Monado (Xenoblade Chronicles DE) phone holder removed from US MyNintendo exchange

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As of just a few minutes ago (~21:50 PDT/05:50 BST), I logged into the US MyNintendo site to see whether the Monado phone holder had been restocked. Not only had it apparently not been, it has apparently been completely effaced from the 'Redeem Points' section. It is still mentioned in the front-page announcement dated 8 September ( - but no longer shows up at all on the reward-selection page (, not even marked as Out Of Stock. The XCDE stickers, however, do still show up on that latter page, and are still redeemable there.

To me, this strongly implies that Nintendo has no intention of restocking the phone holder.

EDIT: The Spatoon postcards are also apparently no longer listed on that latter page, though the announcement of their availability is still active on the home page.

EDIT 2: All three rewards are still listed under 'Nintendo Store Rewards' ( Two of them have just been effaced from the main point-redemption page. The Spatoon postcards and the phone holder are both showing out of stock on that page.

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