Topic: Zelda BotW: Graphical oddity with Cryonis blocks

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Erm, has anyone noted weird graphical stuff going on in the Cryonis ice blocks?

I was in the shrine next to Dueling Peaks Stable. I noticed some weird minor “flickering“ coming from a block, and at first I just assumed it was normal (given it's bright/ sparkly nature). But upon further examination, I noticed that I could actually see what almost looked like a “pencil rub“ of part of the games HUD (Button icons with what appeared to be “Climb Up/ Down“, etc) on the part of the screen lined up with the block. This was mostly when zooming in to the point that the ice block was near the bottom of the screen. There was some other “artifacting“ around the HUD-thing, and I think it may have shown up at other angles (but without the “ghost HUD“).

When I exited the the shrine, I decided to test it on the surrounding water. At first, I don't think I saw anything, but I did see it after a minute or two of examining it. Maybe it doesn't appear instantly...

I'd like to think it's just an oddity they haven't addressed. I haven't noticed anything else out of place.

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