Topic: Help me figure out the name of this puppy Nintendo Ds Lite game!!??

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Hi! I've been on an hour long search for this dang game, and I' desperate. So I'm trying to remember the name of a game I had on my ds lite back when I was I think 12. So quite a while ago, 6 years at least. It was a puppy game. I know for a fact it wasn't any of the nintendogs games and i dont think it was any of the Dogz games. It was a game where you were a kid (you got to choose if you were a boy or a girl) and you adopted a puppy. You had to go to school in the game (it jumped forward in time through the schoolday, though) and you walked the dog once you got home and meet other dogs. You got to pick the route of your walk on the map and could go further the more you trained your dog to walk. You could feed it and give it water, and after a while train it at the park and enter it in competitions. You could teach your dog tricks, buy toys and accessories, and you could brush it. In the game you also unlocked minigames from your father. I know it wasn't a nintendogs or dogz game because the graphics were way different. More cartoonish, I guess. Also, this may be irrelevant but I remember you sometimes had to pick up poop in your house.

That's all i remember and I hope I didn't mix up any info with other dog games I played.

Please help!!!



Nevermind I actually figured it out! It WAS Dogz. I was thinking that Dogz was something else



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