Topic: eShop Card apparently not activated, and I don't have my receipt

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I bought a $10 eShop Card at Walmart a couple of weeks ago, but didn't try to add the funds to my Switch until last night. It didn't work, so after contacting Nintendo customer service, it turns out the card wasn't activated at checkout. I don't have the receipt, so I can't prove that I paid for it. Nintendo customer service suggested that I go to Walmart and see if they can find the transaction in their system.

Has anyone ever been in a similar situation and been successful in the store finding your transaction in their system?

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Did you pay with a card? If so, you might be able to find the transaction in your cards history and bring that with you as proof. If it's cash, you're in for a far harder time, no clue if that'll work or not.



@link3710 I paid with a debit card, but it won't have an itemized list of what was bought, just a total amount. I am not even sure the exact date of the purchase, either.

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@LinktotheFuture if you paid with a card, you should be fine.

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@LinktotheFuture If you paid with your debit card you can do the following

A) You can go to your bank or financial Institution and get a print out of your transactions.

B) If you have a smart phone you can use your banks or financial institutes app and bring up a list of transactions.

Either way it will show Walmart and the dollar amount you spent there and the date. From there they should be able to find the transaction and can reprint the receipt.

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