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This game kind of epitomises video game music to me. It was the only legit Amiga game we ever had I think, gifted one Christmas.

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I have a lot but I'll narrow it down one per game (many of these songs or renditions of them) I have on itunes (some on my sleep playlist).

Epona's Song/Lon Lon Ranch (Ocarina of Time)
Tifa's Song (FFVI) (honestly liked it when I played it when I was in grade school but really what made it stuck to my head was my ex gf in college was obsessed with this song, she played on the keyboard and had it as her ringtone etc. lol)
Opening Song/Scar of Time (Chrono Cross)
Halo Theme (Halo, this is still on my workout playlist lol)
Menu Screen (Windwaker)
M4 Pt. II, Faunts/Credits (Mass Effect 1)
Dantooine (KOTOR)
Fate/Opening Song (Tenchu WoH)

So many more these are just the ones I can remember on top of my head, also kudos on the Double Dragon II selection.

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