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Videogames nowadays have a lot of great songs and I want to know which ones are your favorite!
My favorites are:

3) Ebb & Flow / Splatoon 2
2) Nasty Majesty / Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion
1) Fly Octo Fly / Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion.

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3) Battle! Red / Pokémon GSC
2) Any of the match Splatoon songs / Splatoon
1) You Will Know Our Names / Xenoblade Chronicles

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Me, mostly from BEMANI games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania IIDX, Para Para Paradise, Jubeat, Pop'n Music, GuitarFreaks & DrumMania, Dance ManiaX, etc. Eurobeat is the Most Favorite genre for me.
Also, some songs from MaiMai SEGA.

Btw, my Top 10 (Including the gameplay) in No particular order :

1. Over The Period - TAG Underground overlay (DDR 2015 Arcade)

2. Delta MAX - DM Ashura (DDR X2 Arcade)

3. CHAOS - DE-SIRE Retunes (DDR SuperNOVA)

4. Tokyo Evolved Type 3 - NAOKI Underground (DDR X3 vs. 2nd Mix Arcade)

5. Start a New Day - Sota Fujimori (DDR A Arcade)


7. AM-3P - KTz (DDR 2nd Mix)

8. Brilliant 2U (AKBK Mix) - NAOKI (DDR X3 vs. 2nd Mix)

9. No Routine - A-One (MaiMai Pink Plus)

10. Anti-Matter - Orbit1 & Milo (DDR X2 Arcade)

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Top 8 Konami's Rhythm games:
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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Punchout training theme
Zelda series....pretty much every song
Megaman 2 Wily's castle
Metal Gear Solid theme
Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty overture
Many more that just aren't coming to me right now...



Zelda link to the past - Lost Woods
Super Mario World - World 8 over world music
Destiny - games may have not been great but man the music in them is stellar




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Joeynator3000 wrote:


^This, as well as this from XCX:

I'll just list off the rest as I'll end up overloading the page with videos.

  • 3/4 of the music found in all Zelda titles. Some personal highlights for me are Ballad of the Wind Fish (Link's Awakening), Dragon Roost, Gerudo Desert (TP), Temple of Time/Song of Time, Stone Tower Temple, Midna's Lament, Final Hours, Train/Overworld theme (Spirit Tracks), Song of Storms....Stopping here for now. XD
  • The Metroid series, particularly some of the music from all three Prime games. Torvus Bog, Rundas's Theme, Phendrana Drifts, Sanctuary Fortress, and all three main themes particularly stand out to me (the theme for Prime 3 is actually my main ringtone currently).
  • Quite a few tunes from the Pokemon series, both old and new.
  • Some of the tunes from Mega Man Battle Network, though as I understand it, some of these tunes are remixes and so on from the earlier games.

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Jump Up, Superstar from Super Mario Odyssey

Weight of the World from NieR: Automata. Pretty much the whole soundtrack from NieR: Automata.

Morphogenetic Sorrow from 999: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors and Bluebird Lamentation from Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward. Pretty much every song from the Zero Escape series.

The bike theme from Pokemon Gold/Silver. I know it's just the Goldenrod City theme sped up, but I don't care, it's just so fun to hum at random times during the day.

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This isn't my absolute favourite but I think the castle theme from New Super Mario Bros DS is one of the most underrated Mario tunes.

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Funky Kong

I know it's not really a video game song, but this brings back memories:


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Especially the first four songs are rather great.

I generally love the music in Night in the Woods (more generally and in combination to the game), Xenoblade Chronicles (especially the themes of Tantal and how they match the ones of Indol), Zelda (maybe Song of Storms is my favorite melody) and the Pokémon games (I loved the Team Skull themes, especially). Also Mario Odyssey comes to mind (especially the first Island you get to and the theme in Bowsers japanese fortress).
I also love the quirky happyness of the general music in Yoshi's Woolly World and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.

Edit: Forgot that I of course also love the Splatoon songs. Though mainly the main themes as they are most memorable, but also the Bear Company theme and the Salmon run music. I generally don't like the "rap" music too much.

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Just to name a few:

Final Boss - Yoshi's Island

Tales of Phantasia - Stream of Time

Beyond Good and Evil - Home Sweet Home

Link's Awakening - Tal Tal Heights

Super Monkey Ball 2 - World 6: Boiling Pot

Super Smash Bros - Metal Mario

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I don't think in all honesty I could pick just one. But one of my absolute faves is Gaur Plain from Xenoblade Chronicles. Just hearing it pop up in the shuffle on my phone is enough to make me want to play the game again!

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I forgot to mention Ashley's Song/Theme or whatever it is called from Wario Ware! I always play the Wario-Ware-stage on Smash Bros 4 with that tune on!

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Plok! for SNES has the best theme song of them all:

Also the music for Super Metroid, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, and Legend of Zelda - Link Between Worlds is all masterful.

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Here's a few of mine. I won't be made to choose favourites!

Ducktales - Moon theme
F-zero - Mute city
FFVII - Aeris theme
FFXIII - The Promise
Sonic - Marble zone

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