Topic: What's the most Hyped you've ever been for a new game?

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I've wondered this question myself sometimes, and wanted to know other people's opinion; What was the most excited for a game that, at the time, had yet to come out you've ever been? What was it like waiting for the game to come out? What did you do while waiting for that Release date to come along? What was it like to finally have the game in your hands?



@Willax Good topic. For me it's a tie between diddy Kong racing and Pokemon blue.

I remember scanning through the magazine's looking at diddy Kong racing pics/previews and imagining what it will be like. I loved the concept of looking at the front of my character when racing. Which they seemed to exaggerate on in the gaming magazine's. (Although not exactly beneficial to performance on track!). It was also a great experience playing it. But I had better experience playing Zelda OoT. But with DKR I had more hype.

With Pokemon blue I wasn't sure whether I was getting it for Xmas but I got the official gaming guide from prima I think(the shiny one). I read it obsessively for 2 months and a week before Xmas I lost it! I was absolutely devastated. I got blue for Xmas but had no guide. It lived up to the hype for me and thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Botw's sequel. I have lived in agony since finishing the first game, desperate for any information on a second whatsoever. Then e3 happened. I need a release date...

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I only started buying games Day 1 a few years ago, and it's still fairly limited how many I get Day 1.

The most hyped so far must have been Breath of the Wild.

I'd ordered both the game and the Switch from the same retailer, getting £30 off, so I was pleased with the deal and excited as I'd never bought a Launch Day console before.

March 2nd 2017: The reviews drop - 10s across the board. Hold me.

March 3rd 2017 - AM: No delivery. Stay calm, it'll come.

March 3rd 2017 - 1PM: OK, where the **** is my £300 order!?

March 3rd 2017 - 1:30PM: Delivery! But it's just the game! WTF are you doing to me!? You bring me the best adventure game ever made but no smegging console to play it on!

March 3rd 2017 - 2PM: Waits. Anxiously.

March 3rd 2017 - 2:30PM: OMFGAmazeballsIT'SHERE!!!1!

March 3rd 2017 - 2:33PM: Console carefully unboxed. Touched. Smelt. Adored. Goodbye life, I'm going to Hyrule!

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I'd probably go with Rock Band 4. Excitement was very high when the game was announced in March 2015 and the setlist reveals, the game itself and weekly DLC helped bring happiness when the Nintendo side of things was generally very sad from E3 2015 to January 2017. That game is even the main reason I got an XB1, before then I was determined to completely avoid XB1 because of Don Mattrick's vision of it and most reasons to own the system were really broken at the time (e.g. MCC). Phil Spencer did manage to turn the Xbox brand around more recently, though if Rock Band 4 didn't exist I probably would've skipped XB1 completely and got Scarlett at launch if Microsoft doesn't mess it up again.

Close second would probably be Astral Chain. Though the first half of 2019 was very bad for gaming in general (not just Nintendo), Astral Chain's February Direct trailer was a bright light in a very dark cave. The excitement just kept growing as more info was shared and I've spent so much time with it since launch, a very special game such that even Link's Awakening got completely pushed to the side (it's felt like forever that a Zelda game that feels like a Zelda game has been released).


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Street fighter 2 on the Snes

Street fighter alpha 2 PlayStation
Super Mario 64

Street fighter ex3

Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii
Street fighter 4 on the ps3
Super Mario Galaxy 2

Loads more

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At the moment, Metroid Prime 4, even though there's no info about it. I just love the Metroid series.

I used to get real hyped for games and systems coming out when I was younger. Like the SNES and the games for it like Mario World, Zelda and Metroid. Mega Man X was another.
I get excited for games now, but not as hyped as I used to get. Back then, you'd get tidbits of info once a month from gaming mags, but now games are so extensively talked about in excruciating detail before they come out that it lessens the hype for me. Take Smash Bros for Switch. I was actually tired of hearing about it before it even launched; there was so much of it everywhere. Or BotW, they did an entire direct about it and we saw so much of it before launch (I didn't watch all of this direct, because it really felt like they taking part of the initial experience of awe away by showing so much)
The games are still great and I love playing them, but when it comes to hype, I'm in the camp where less is more. Short trailers is all I really need to get hyped for a game. DQXI S is one I'm excited to play. I watched the trailer and have actively avoided much of anything else until I actually play it.



@Cotillion You should watch the opening title sequence for Dragon Quest XI S on the demo - that will hype you nicely, it's fantastic.

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Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3 and BOTW would to my list



1. Dance Dance Revolution A20 Arcade
2. The Sims 4 PS4
3. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4 & Switch
4. FF XII TZA Switch
5. FF X/X-2 HD Switch

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6. MaiMai
7. Taiko no Tatsujin
8. Dance Evolution
9. Sound Voltex
10. Mambo-A-Gogo

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Secret of Mana, Donkey Kong Country, Rogue Squadron II, Everquest II, Halo 2, Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Halo 4, Starcraft II, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4, NES Classic, SNES Classic, Breath of the Wild. All of them I've been crazy hyped for. I'd reread the articles, rewatch the promo tapes or trailers, and just envision myself playing them, while going to bed, while at school, while at work, while exercising. Worst probably had to be the NES classic though. I was not super happy about adulting and it just sounded like the absolute perfect entertainment device at the time.



Ocarina of time. Stood in line at the store before it opened. Then i brought that sucker home and stayed up for three nights in a row playing until i finally passed out! Good times!



I have a few. Pokemon red/blue, could now wait to get my hand on it. Metroid prime and fusion, once i got them i quit sleeping and just played them over and over. Zelda Wind Waker, i read everything ic ould about it and couldnt wait to get it. Phantasy star online 1&2 first on Dreamcast and then gamecube. i sunk many many hours in those. being able to play online on a console was incredible to me. Now the only one i'm super hyped for is Metroid Prime 4.



Ultima Online - Unfortunately it was released in a time where credit cards were very much not a thing in Holland so I only got to play for 30 days before my trial ended.

Then, years later I found a wonderful RP server called Teiravon which was absolutely awesome. I played that for several months, quite hardcore too. Loved every minute of it. Teiravon eventually migrated to Legends of Aria, so they are still going strong, but I don't think I can take the time any more to play RP servers, as much as I'd love to.



Probably Pokemon Gold/Silver. Like most kids in the late 90s I was obsessed with Pokemon Red/Blue and back then it was pretty much the only game I was playing. I also wasn't really on the internet at the time so I was going pretty much entirely on what was in the catalogues for releases. So I don't really remember waiting for it that long at all.

I do remember getting the game when it came out and then, because I left my Gameboy at home, sitting in the back of the car reading the manual. And being super excited by things like the day/night cycle and the radio/phone.

Close second would be the Wii and I guess Wii Sports....

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Maybe Pokémon Black and White. In the months leading up to its release I was on every day waiting for new info on it. Looking back, I kind of spoiled a lot of the game for myself so I don't usually do that any more, but I didn't really care at the time, I loved the game anyway.

These days I don't get massively hyped for new games very often, but I was super excited for both BotW and Mario Odyssey. Oddly, this fan song is probably what made me most excited for BotW. I hadn't really been following the news on the game so I hadn't seen a lot of the footage in that video before and the combination of that footage and the song made the game look amazing (which of course it is).

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Surprised no one has said Brawl yet. So Brawl.

Also Breath of the Wild

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Mass Effect 2 would top my list. Closely behind are Halo Reach, Fallout 4 and Pokemon Black/White.

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Smash Bros, all four titles after the first (which I found randomly in stores) hit that level for me, but Brawl tops the chart. The hype train for that game was unreal.

Elder Scroll: Oblivion's release was a huge hype cycle, only to crash at the final product.

Any Platinum release gets me (W101, Astral Chain and honorarily Viewtiful Joe 2 in particular), but Bayonetta 3 has topped that, with me thinking about it seemingly daily right now despite my best efforts to be patient.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire was easily the most hype release of any of the Pokemon games.

For Legend of Zelda, it'd be Majora's Mask, the hype for a sequel to the legendary Ocarina of Time was only compounded by everything we heard about the game being amazing.

Also, I'd say Donkey Kong 64, Banjo-Tooie, Super Mario Sunshine / Galaxy / Odyssey, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart Double Dash, any Metroid Prime as well as Fusion and Rayman Legends (well... until the disasterous delay) all were huge hype cycles for me.

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Off the top of my head:

-Twilight Princess: There is never been a better reveal at E3 than the Twilight Princess one in 2004. The weird thing though is that, even though I stand by that, in a way I kind of hate WHY it worked. I absolutely love Twilight Princess, but it really bothers me in hindsight how much it was hyped because people had such embarrassing, stupid reactions to Wind Waker. I was hyped more for the darker elements than the art style (though those things aren't entirely disconnected).

-Super Smash Bros Brawl: This might be the main one for me. Ultimate got close but I'm just not able to be impressed as easily. But Melee was my game for the entire GCN era, still my most played video game of all time, and Brawl just seemed to be adding so much to that to be the greatest game ever. That...did not happen. Because again, people are stupid, its assumed by many that Brawl is bad just because it isn't as fun as Melee. No, I'd still play Brawl over most fighting games, and many games in general. But it really was just not as good, and the story mode was a mediocre at best platformer that exposed why Adventure Mode in Melee was so short. It was simply not as fun of a video game as Melee was.

-Super Mario Galaxy: This is the weird one for me, because, no joke, I did not have a computer to access the internet for most of 2006. What a terrible year (or a great one if it had happened a decade later :V). I had to rely on X-Play and Nintendo Power for the most part. So just imagine my surprise when I turn on X-Play to see their E3 coverage, and they just casually bring up that there's a new Mario game. It's just...there! It's a 3D Mario platformer! almost no warning! I freaked out, and when I got Nintendo Power I practically stared at the coverage they had for Galaxy. It was my 2nd most hyped game (and only because of Brawl hype) until I finally got it over a year later.

There's a bunch of other stuff I got significant hyped for: Half Life 2, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, Sonic Mega Collection (weird one, but if you didn't grow up with a Genesis, you understand), Metroid Prime 2 and 3, Golden Sun DS, Samba De Amigo Wii ( ), Little Inferno (not kidding, still the high point of the Wii U launch), Bioshock Infinite, Xenoblade Chronicles X, etc

Also, Paper Mario 3DS, Watch Dogs and No Man's Sky. Truly, games that lived up to everyone's expectations!

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