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On Switch, currently working through Shining Resonance Refrain, and started Yoshi's Crafted World yesterday. On Wii U, playing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.



I recently beat Classic Mode with every character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I'm currently at Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but I'm stuck at Aeshma's Core... my party members always die while attacking the power lines and my chain attacks are embarrassingly weak. I want to get Yoshi's Crafted World one of these days, as well!

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I only recently got a Nintendo Switch, and so I'm occasionally playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in between finishing up other games, like Spider-Man and, games. Yeah.

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Bravely Second: End Layer - I found the "twist" so to speak and am now comfortably cruising through chapter 5. I decided to collect the asterisks I missed the first time around in all the currently available side quests. Now I'm back into the main story. I must say, while I've seen alternate timelines/resets handled better in some video games and other media, this is still pretty enjoyable.

SNES Classic Mini - I've been playing this on and off for the past week when I need a break from the above. I've mostly been trying out some of the platformers but have booted up a couple of other games as well. I'm avoiding RPGs on it for the time being since I'm swamped with them enough as it is. XD

Currently playing: Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, Yo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls

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Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Starter Kit (Switch) - I've only built the goggles (though I had reservations about the building part, it was actually pretty fun to do) and played some of the "VR Plaza" games so far. Resolution is pretty low, but the art style helps to the point it's not a huge deal. The plaza games are more proof of concept than anything, and while some have promise, there isn't much to any of them. If things go according to plan I'll build the blaster this weekend, which I'm looking forward to.

Farpoint (PS4/VR) - My first VR FPS. That opening scene where you were riding in that smaller craft around that space station was absolutely stunning (really the kind of wow moment that makes owning a VR setup worth it). Most of my time so far has been spent venturing through a desert on an unexplored planet (walking up to the edge of an immense crater or canyon never loses it's cool factor), shooting lots of alien spiders (I have no idea how people play legit horror games in VR. Even with a fully stocked machine gun I nearly jump out of my seat every time one of those spiders lunges for my face). Played for about an hour and no motion sickness, so that's good.

So, a lot of VR for this guy.

Currently Playing:
Switch - Blade Strangers
PS4 - Kingdom Hearts III, Tetris Effect (VR)


I started playing my first ever Final Fantasy game about a week and a half ago (Final Fantasy XV). I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm also playing DragonQuest Heroes 2 and plan to start playing Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War III.

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Replaying Bully and also some Borderlands 2/Pre-sequel



I just started Pokémon Y and am doing a "baby run" (raising my entire party from lvl 1 as early as possible). It was fun to have caught and traded several Pokémon right before the "how to catch" tutorial.

Also, I played X for a short while today and managed to get my very first exposure to Pokérus. I was flabbergasted when I wanted to heal my Pokémon and was informed about it.

Currently ongoing multiplayer games being Portal Knights, Mario Tennis Aces, Overcooked 2, and Stardew Valley more or less (got a bit neglected lately).

Currently playing: ACNL, Pokémon Pearl, Pokémon Art Academy, Minecraft, Mario Tennis Aces
Sidegames: Super Kirby Clash, Overcooked 2, Kirby's Dream Land 3

Looking forward to: Luigi's Mansion 3, Pokémon Swish
Hyped for: ACNH


I think I only have 3 more characters left to unlock, and of course the last one is gonna be the one I wanted the most (Mewtwo!). At least, I think there's only 3? I've been saying that for the past few days, only for more to come out of the woodworks. The order of unlocking characters seems to be based on popularity, so that might explain it. At least, I can't be the only one who forgot Olimar was a Smash Bros. character, right?

EDIT: I forgot Ken and Greninja were in this. Okay, I think now it's down to just Duck Hunt Dog, Palena, and Mewtwo? Maybe? I thought there just 71 characters, how do more keep coming?

EDIT Again: Okay, Robin and Bowser Jr. were also things, but hey, I finally got Mewtwo! Now I'm just missing Palutena, unless I'm forgetting someone....which I probably am.

EDIT Final: Yep, I forgot Dr. Mario. Got him and Palutena, finally completing the roster. Man, that took longer than I thought it would be, it really puts the whole 70+ roster size into perspective.

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Games I'm playing at the moment: too many. lol jk

Final Fantasy 7 - this is the second time playing through, not counting the other times where I couldn't progress cos my PS1 CD was scratched. The materia system is not the best, moving them around can be annoying but it's fun to have some kind of customization. It's just not as personalized as say, FFIX. Right now I'm rocking Cloud, Tifa (best girl), and Aeris.

Smash - I haven't even unlocked half the roster and I've owned this game for 1-2 months. It does feel satisfying unlocking characters and getting spirits with abilities that fit your preferred playstyle, although I guess I'm of the camp I wish the roster was all available from the start but oh well.

Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - Picked this up at Best Buy at a good price. Really enjoying the gameplay mechanics. Since I started FF7 I haven't gone back to it in a while but will eventually.

Sega Genesis Classics - Or Mega Drive, for those in Europe . I have always wanted to dig deeper into the Sega library, so I got this. I'm on a mission to finally beat Sonic 2, one of the only Sega games I played as a kid on my uncle's Genesis. Sonic 3D Blast is underrated (although yes it has flaws). ESWAT and Biohazard Battle are fun.

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Dragon quest builders on Switch
Mario Kart 7 and Radiant Historia perfect chronology on 2ds xl

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splatoon 2 all the way baby!



Ori and the Blind Forest, Celeste (great indie title!) and Sonic Mania Plus, all on PC.

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Spent three hours or so playing an Advance Wars: Days of Ruin trial map early. Only got an A-rank, though, which means I'll eventually be replaying it to go for an S.

Playing depressing games alone in my cold, dark room <3


Dragon's Dogma, Going to be on that for a while yet. Need about 3 run throughs before I want to tackle the Dark Arisen section.

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Switch: Onimusha Warlords - Imported a physical copy from Japan (my first gaming import!). It's a bit dated in places (especially the way the camera works), but I like the theme, it has an engaging "Metroidvania" structure, and it's edge of your seat tense knowing your next enemy encounter could pop up at nearly any time, especially since you really have to manage your inventory.

PS4: Tales of Zestiria - Not too far in yet (I'm almost done with the "sewer/underground waterway" dungeon, which seems to be a popular theming choice for an early game training dungeon of sorts), but I like it so far.

Currently Playing:
Switch - Blade Strangers
PS4 - Kingdom Hearts III, Tetris Effect (VR)


I’m currently playing angry birds star wars on my psvita. Tomorrow danganronpa: trigger happy havoc will arive (along with the other 3 games) and I’ll start playing that. I’m also planning on continueing to play disgaea 4 and I want to start new game + in persona 4 golden.




Dark Souls Remastered

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I'm in Mission 5 from Metroid Prime Federation Force.

I played ACNL / ACNH for Villagers Hunting.
I will kick some butts the unwanted villagers from my island.
My island is only for Top 10 villagers.

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