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The n64 controller did not age well. Awkward to hold, buttons in weird places and a control stick that's just plastic make playing games a little uncomfortable.

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Oh sweet

  • The Elder Scrolls-series is absolutely terrible. With its ho-hum and generic western fantasy setting, clunky battle system and just overal boring world its one of the worst bigger series right now. I can understand why others would like it, but for me I just can't say anything nice about it.
  • The Wii is one of the best consoles Nintendo ever produced. Wah wah, casually grannies liking Wii Fit, who cares? It has some great games from Nintendo themselves like the Galaxy titles, Xenoblade, Metroid Prime 3, Skyward Sword, Sin & Punishment 2 and others; even with third parties treating the system they way they did, it has some absolute gems, like the last good Silent Hill game (Shattered Memories), the best cross over fighter (Tatsunoku vs. Capcom), a vast array of nice platformers (Klonoa, a Boy and his Blob for example) and hell, even the rail shooters like Ghost Squad, Dead Space Extraction, House of the Dead Overkill and the Resident Evil ones are fun.
  • The hate for Metroid Other M was blown out of proportion. It wasn't the best Metroid title, I think we all agree on that, but as an action romp it is quite enjoyable.
  • Final Fantasy X is okay at best. Except for Auron and Lulu all of the other characters are boring or not fun. It's super linear and the story... well yeah. I actually prefer X-2 over it. That game did not take itself seriously at all and that made for a fun adventure.
  • On the other hand, Final Fantasy XV is one of the better FF games. There, I said it. While the game has its quirks, I feel the journey of Noctis and the gang is great. Dialogue was stiff at first, but in the end the power of their friendship made the game cool. Battlesystem is simple and that one chapter was a mistake, but overall a cool game to play.
  • Golden Sun is mediocre. I get it, Nintendo did not have (next to Pokemon that is) a more traditional RPG, but the series is extremely by the numbers. I mean its not bad, it just exists. The biggest offender is Dark Dawn, which is so boooooooooring.
  • Resident Evil Code Veronica X is the worst tradtional RE. Over Zero, yes. We get the creapy Ashford twins, but the game felt like a step back compared to RE 3 Nemesis. And the latter was the spin-off!



@Sadist I agree Golden Sun is pretty by the numbers (and the story kind of sucks), but I still really enjoyed it because the overall package was solid and polished. The battle system was balanced and I liked exploring the dungeons. The fact that the graphics and music were some of the GBA's best were a nice touch.

I agree with you about the Wii, except for Other M. I got it on sale back in the day and went in with a pretty open mind since I wasn't very attached to the Metroid series and I didn't know how mixed the game's reception was. I still didn't really like it. But other than that I think the Wii is Nintendo's most underrated console because it had so many great games and yet people only remember it for the motion control gimmick.

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I don't have a problem with companies like Nintendo protecting their Intellectual Property and taking a hard line against Youtube channels or fan-made projects, etc. that infringe on their copyright. I know whenever such a news story appears (of say a fan-made Nintendo game getting shut down) I'm supposed to be all like "Boooo! Oh Nintendo you !" but I think a lot of people nowadays wrongly assume that living in the internet age means that we now live in a lawless age where they can do whatever they want online without any repercussions, but that's not the case.

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I love complaining! let's do this.

  • Earthbound isn't fun. I've tried so hard to get into this game so many times, but I just don't understand the appeal. The story is weird, for sure, but not great. The visuals & battles are clunky at best. I still feel I must be missing something because it's just so meh.
  • Okami, don't like that either. Basically the same comments from Earthbound apply here.
  • Final Fantasy VII's gameplay is & always has been objectively bad. The materia level up in such a bizarre way. You basically need to completely rework everything whenever you switch party members, which shouldn't be needed. The enemy skill materia was executed so poorly it's frustrating. And the fact that characters level outside of use, but their Limits don't is just a poor choice. All or nothing, it punishes you for not using certain characters, but makes it a chore to switch them in & out. The story is fine, but combat & leveling is among the worst of any RPG I have played.
  • I liked the Wii U a lot. I traded in my PS4 for a Wii U and had a lot more fun with what Nintendo had to offer. Wii U was great & under-appreciated.

EDIT: * Castlevania II is my favourite NES Castlevania. I thought the RPG elements were great. Could I beat it 25ish years ago? Of course not, but without question I had the most fun. Exploring? Finding new whips? Heck yeah. It basically tried to do the whole Metroidvania bit before the series fully made the jump.

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To be honest I don't entirely get why Earthbound is so revered either. I liked it generally - the battle system had some nice ideas such as the rolling HP system, I like the visual style and most of the music, and I'm sure the modern suburban setting was very original for an early 90s RPG - but the story was pretty lacking and the battles felt a bit dull after a while. I'd give it a solid 7.5/10 but I don't understand why people say it's one of the best RPGs ever made.


I've always kind of felt that fans of Earthbound usually aren't people who are fans of RPGs. When you boil it down, it's basically a carbon copy of a Dragon Quest game but with worse gameplay and weirder dialog. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the game enough to beat it once and think that mechanically it's stronger than some other RPGs from the time (cough Breath of Fire cough), but I think it just gets too much hype.

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@RedderRugfish Maybe you're right. To be fair, BoF 2 was one of my favourite RPGs at the time, so as an RPG fan maybe it just didn't click.

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Sadist wrote:

  • Golden Sun is mediocre.


Dark Dawn is terrible though

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Eh, Dark Dawn was alright for me. Although given that it ended on a cliffhanger anyway, I wouldn't mind if they did a retcon of all post-Lost Age story, after a hypothetical Golden Sun 1 + 2 remaster (because that's all they can really do to revive the series).

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Earthbound is a game you either get or you don't. Tbh, while I get Earthbound, regardless its still better than a lot of JRPGs at the time. In that it stands out, has better writing and...usually understands how many battles people want in their RPGs. Like in hindsight, random battles were a plight on gaming, I don't know why we accepted them as long as as we did. But to be fair, there are a few things that even at the time seem like needless limitations, namely inventory.

The storytelling is the main reason to play nearly any JRPG, so I can get why people don't get into Earthbound with its super underdeveloped characters and basic plot that gets distracted by things (especially for the main 4). But I think the characters are able to get a lot out of brief appearances in ways that most games don't, and there's just enough to build up the major things that actually matter. There's many characters that in the span of hours are not able to get as much likability and charm as the maybe 7-8 minutes you spend with Tony, for example. But one of the reasons I love Mother 3 so much is that it was able to keep a lot of Earthbound's charm while having a far more substantial story to focus on. I love that Earthbound was so different but I definitely prefer a more complete story on top of what Earthbound was trying to do. But I'd still rather play Earthbound than many, many games with far more focused stories.

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

The storytelling is the main reason to play nearly any JRPG

I completely disagree

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Since the thread is on the subject of the Golden Sun series, is Dark Dawn worth playing? I've played the first two games via the Wii U VC and enjoyed them for the most part. Djinn feel either broken or tacked on at times though.

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haha, I'll bite ... I have a couple of unpopular opinions. grins ... no one get offended please, i'm joking around here.... mostly

1. Undertale is rubbish, and yep I forced myself to get the proper pacifist ending (imagine if I didn't!). To me it was like being forced to read through some quirky, edgy teen's bad comic book. Overly pretentious and serves no purpose other than a gateway to furry fandom or a cure for insomnia. Although i'll give credit where it's due, the soundtrack is fantastic and Metaton made it tolerable. Subverting your expectations dosen't make things good... ???The Last Jedi??? I'm thus coining this strange psychological phenomenon the Susan Boyle Effect. $2 title... Underfail.

2. Day and Night cycles aren't immersive, as perfectly demonstrated in that awful game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ... You should trade it in for Ys VIII or a Vita with the Trails games. You WILL be enlightened!... I swear i'm not shamelessly plugging Nihom Falcom, honest.

3. Zelda II: Adventures of Link has the best soundtrack of ALL LoZ games. This is not up for debate! I'm deadly serious! If you disagree I will challenge you to a Trial by Stone... and no, I'm not now shamelessly plugging The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance...although... Bad Disney, take notes from the Henson Company! (Off-topic? ... nah it needed to be said)

4. Overcooked is the worst party game on the platform. If I wanted a stress simulator I would get a job... Okay, that is kinda true, I am currently looking for work so please hire me... I can speak a little Chinese. wink

Anyways... I hope I was able to crack a bit of a smile, obviously I'm not as funny as I think I am.. But, c'mon, let's be honest, you know i'm 100% CORRECT on these rather important and overly nerdy issues. In the meantime I'll try and find more video game related things to get fake grumpy about. Stay tuned

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@C-Chakra I kinda agree about you Overcooked opinion.. That's why I always said no when my brother asked to play on the Xbox.

Tamagotchi are cool and so are you!

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@FlySkyHigh haha, to be fair I never gave it a chance and haven't played it co-op. I bought it on a sale because it was deemed a must have party game. Played it for about 20 mins and just didn't gel with it. Felt like work. And never loaded it up again. The right mood with the right crew would probably change my mind but... Heave Ho exists soooo...

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Dark Dawn's gameplay is identical to the first two. So if you liked the gameplay of the first two, you should be good.

The story is a “your milage may vary“ affair.

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C-Chakra wrote:

Day and Night cycles aren't immersive, as perfectly demonstrated in that awful game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ... You should trade it in for Ys VIII or a Vita with the Trails games. You WILL be enlightened!... I swear i'm not shamelessly plugging Nihom Falcom, honest.

I liked XC2, but Ys VIII & Trails games are also awesome! Did you also play Memories of Celceta on Vita? You probably have a PS4 for the upcoming Trails of Cold Steel 3?

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Nihom Falcom games feel awful to play. I have Ys VIII and it looked and played (on a PS4) like someone had just done a half-arsed remaster of a mediocre PS1 game.



@Galenmereth I think Ys VIII is a great game. But i do agree, I found it quite ugly the first time I played it on Switch.

On day and night cycles - I don't agree that they're not immersive (they're pretty much essential for games like Animal Crossing and BotW IMO). But I don't think they're always good. Often night time in particular can be a bit of a pain. The worst offender for me is Pokemon Gold and Silver. Day/night added a lot to the immersion, but only being able to find wild Hoothoot after 6pm (which is when I did the majority of my playing) was annoying.

As for my own unpopular opinion: I think Fire Emblem Three Houses is a good looking game. Not great, but not as terrible as people make it out to be. It isn't technically impressive, and the birds eye view battle graphics are functional (which is perfectly fine IMO, as the focus here on on gameplay). But the art style is excellent and the characters are well designed.

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