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For Mario Kart 8/Deluxe...
Worst: SNES Rainbow Road - Nothing to look at, no rails, no interesting features or gimmicks, just a boring platform hanging in empty space.

Best: Cloudtop Cruise - Creative track design with some challenging-to-hit shortcuts, wonderful music (especially the bit of Mario Galaxy music in there!), lightning adds a fun risk-reward element to certain sections of the track, and, overall, it's just gorgeous!

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Of the new tracks in 8/Deluxe, I think my least favorite is the new Rainbow Road. Unless you're moving at a crawl, the place is misery personified, as you're constantly flying off the side of the track.

Oh, and Sweet Sweet Canyon, which isn't terribly fun, and seems like a total rip-off of that kart racing game in Wreck-It Ralph.

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I'll leave out Super Circuit and SMK, just because I haven't really spent enough time with either to form an opinion I'd be happy with.

Mario Kart 64
Best - Mario Raceway
MK64 has a lot of tracks that either are too long, too large or too boring, but I think Mario Raceway is an exception. There's a lot of small off-road cuts, nice scenery, a good balance of turns and straightaways, and it always gives good races. I'd argue it's even better in MKWii.
Worst - Rainbow Road
Couldn't agree more with @CreamyDream on this. Big letdown for the final track, not challenging or engaging at all. The MK8 remake is a favourite of mine however.

Mario Kart: Double Dash
Best - Wario Colussium
Fun to drive on, chaotic, challenging, and doesn't drag on. This track fits Double Dash's mechanics perfectly, which is probably why it hasn't been remade.
Worst - Dry Dry Desert
And here's a course that doesn't fit the mechanics of Double Dash. Avoiding the off-road is annoying, and the hazards get in the way quite a lot for a Mushroom Cup track. Not fun for me, but I quite like the MK8 remake.

Mario Kart DS
Best - Bowser Castle
Hands down, my favourite Bowser Castle track. There's tons of variety, and there's never a dull moment while racing on this track. My only issue is the shortcut being too low-risk. In 99% of situations there is zero reason to take the main route. If I could've picked one retro track for DLC in MK8, it would've been this one.
Worst - Desert Hills/Yoshi Falls
To be honest, these tracks aren't awful at all, MKDS is consistently good when it comes to track design. (Other that one track everyone h'8's) I just found these two pretty underwhelming. Desert Hills is rather dull, and Yoshi Falls is too simple and has those dumb waterfalls that I feel are way stronger than they should be.

Mario Kart Wii
Best - Maple Treeway/Grumble Volcano/Rainbow Road
I just can't make my mind up, MKWii is my favourite Mario Kart, and I've really fond memories of these three courses especially. Maple Treeway gives great races and is marvellous aesthetically. Grumble Volcano has huge shortcut potential and has some of the most difficult and useful in the game. MKWii's Rainbow Road is an excellent challenge and while it's far from my favourite aesthetically, it's my favourite track to race on period.
Worst - Mario Circuit
It's a fatter Figure-8 Circuit with some make-up on plus a single ramp and Chain Chomp to make it feel special.

Mario Kart 7
Best - Rosalina's Ice World/Rainbow Road
I've been harsh on Mario Kart 7, but I recently picked up the game again for a second chance when I got my New 2DS XL, and I've had a much better experience than 6 years ago. These two tracks are the two I find myself picking the most in online, as they give awesome races with skilled players. Ice World is tricky to drive on but it feels very natural and it has a decent amount of variety in driving and aesthetics. My favourite part is the shortcut across the gap at the beginning, easy to pull off but hard to get perfect. MK7's Rainbow Road is probably the best from an objective view. It's got tons of small shortcuts that are fun to perform, is constantly bombarding you with awesome new ideas and is the perfect length for a real adrenaline rush of a race.
Worst - Bowser Castle
I don't know what it is, but this course just doesn't click with me. I don't find it all that fun, and I'm almost never happy to see it come up online. Not a fan, but I can't put my finger on exactly why.

Mario Kart 8
Best - Big Blue
Big Blue in MK8 is like MK7 Rainbow Road's slightly cooler older brother. Everything I love about that course is here, but somehow even better. This course is just exhilarating and an absolute blast to play, I honestly don't think I've ever had a bad race here. Also this and 200cc are a match made in heaven.
Worst - Mario Circuit
It's just MKWii Mario Circuit but it lost it's Chain Chomp and slipped a disc looking for it. It's not that bad honestly, but just has the same issue as MKWii circuit in that it's too plain to be interesting or give good races. The MKDS one was awesome, they've never been that great since.

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Super Mario Kart:
Best - Koopa Beach 1
Worst - Mario Circuit 4

Mario Kart 64
Best - Block Fort - I don't care if it's not a "race course", this battle stage is one of the most memorable locations on the entire N64. It's simple graphics and setting disguise one of the most insane places to battle, always keeping you on the edge of your seat.
Worst - Sherbet Land - Those darn penguins.

Mario Kart: Double Dash
Best - Yoshi Circuit - With plenty of shortcuts and great scenery, this course is a blast to play over and over again.
Worst - Wario Colleseum - So long... and so boring. Always hated hitting this one in all-cup tour.

Mario Kart Wii -
Best - Coconut Mall - The course I'll always associate with the Wii version, I'm not too sure why I like it so much, but I do.
Worst - Wario's Gold Mine - The other course I'll always associate with this game, and probably my least favorite of all.

Mario Kart 7
Best - Piranha Plant Slide - Just a fun level overall
Worst - Cheep Cheep Lagoon - Not... a bad level, but this game doesn't have any really bad levels. I guess that makes Cheep Cheep Lagoon the worst by default.

Mario Kart 8 (DX)
Best - Cloudtop Cruise - Simple isn't always bad, and I think this course pretty well exemplifies that.
Worst - Sweet Sweet Canyon - Not very mario feeling, and a boring course to boot.
Best DLC - Big Blue - Unsurprisingly, F-Zero merged perfectly with Mario Kart to make a sublime track.
Worst DLC - Hyrule Circuit - How do you take one of Nintendo's greatest franchises and make a course based on it so... boring? It's beyond me.



I only really got into Mario Kart big time from the Wii onwards. I had a Megadrive when the original came out and wasn't a fan of 64 or Double Dash.

MK Wii
Favourite - Peach's Garden
Least favourite - Grumble Volcano

Favourite - Wario's Gold Mine (didn't like it on Wii for some reason.
Least favourite - Cheese Land (worse than Grumble Volcano by a country mile.)

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Best: Kalimari Desert
Worst: Toad's Turnpike (weirdly probably a fav of mine in 8)

Super Circuit
Best: Bowser levels
Worst: Ghost levels

Double Dash!!
Best: Luigi Circuit (I drew the map for this one as a kid, I have to pick it)
Worst: Yoshi Circuit

Best: Waluigi Pinball (hate to obvious but...)
Worst: Peach Gardens

Best: Coconut Mall
Worst: DS Yoshi Falls (could maybe switch this and Peach Gardens, but Peach Gardens was worse in DS and this was more bland compared to the rest of Wii)

Best: Rainbow Road
Worst: Neo Bowser City
(i don't even remember half of 7's courses so this is even more obvious)

Best: A lot
Worst: No idea/whichever retro stage was the most poorly implimented

Mario Kart is a good game to get annoyed just for courses being more difficult, because it's such a good casual game. Outside of DS, very rarely do I want to try to properly master them, so the ones that are easier to fail at I'll just never enjoy as much it seems....

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Super Mario Kart
Best: Mario Circuit 3
Worst: Ghost Valley 3

Mario Kart 64
Best: Yoshi Valley
Worst: Rainbow Road

Mario Kart Super Circuit
Best: Bowser Castle 3
Worst: SNES Ghost Valley 3

Mario Kart Double Dash
Best: Wario Colosseum
Worst: Dino Dino Jungle

Mario Kart DS
Best: Waluigi Pinball
Worst: Tick Tock Clock

Mario Kart Wii
Best: Grumble Volcano
Worst: SNES Ghost Valley 2

Mario Kart 7
Best: DS Waluigi Pinball
Worst: Neo Bowser City

Mario Kart 8
Best: Big Blue
Worst: SNES Rainbow Road


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@Ralizah I used to think we were on the same page, but now... I just don't know WTH you and @Grumblevolcano are thinking of - SNES Rainbow Road is the greatest track there is.

I won't cover the other games as I don't know them well enough yet, but FWIW, in light of the outrageous contributions above, here are mine for MK8:

Best: SNES Rainbow Road (just aesthetically stunning, and it's a nice, fast course that I can nail)
Runners-up: N64 Rainbow Road (easy track, but the atmosphere created by the music, the fireworks, and the train, just get me brimming with glee) and Koopa City. Honorable mentions to both the Yoshi tracks, and Wario's Gold Mine, amongst others.

Worst: Toad's Turnpike (I just find it sleep-inducing, so dull to race round and all the traffic means you can rarely see your competitors)
Runners-up: I'm gonna go with a 3-way tie between Excitebike Arena, Dolphin Shoals, and Ice Ice Outpost.

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@gcunit Aesthetically pleasing? It's just space, a flat, boring track with no surprises to it, and a few thwomps thrown in to try and break up the tedium of it all.

I gotta say, though, I LOVE the way they revised N64 Rainbow Road. They fixed one of the worst tracks in the series by shortening it, giving it a gorgeous musical remix, and turning into probably the single-most enchanting track in the game. Especially love how you can see the city below the track, and how that train just... flies around. No idea why it's all happening, but it feels dream-like and magical. I enjoy pretty things.

Oh, and I like the inclusion of flying and anti-grav sections.

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Mario Kart 64
Favorite: Choco Mountain
Runner Up: Moo Moo Farm
Worst: Rainbow Road (way too long and boring)

Mario Kart: Double Dash
Favorite: Daisy Cruiser
Runner Up: Dino Dino Jungle
Worst: Dry Dry Desert

Mario Kart DS
Favorite: Peach Gardens
Runner Up: Airship Fortress
Worst: Shroom Ridge

Mario Kart Wii
Favorite: Coconut Mall
Runner Up: Rainbow Road
Worst: Mushroom Gorge

Mario Kart 7
Favorite: Wario Shipyard
Runner Up: -
Worst: Rosalina‘s Ice World

Mario Kart 8
Favorite: Sunshine Airport
Runner Up: Electrodome
Worst: Bone-Dry Dunes

Overall, I‘d say Wii and 8 have the best tracks whereas 7 is just really really bland and forgettable.

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@gcunit I always felt SNES Rainbow Road was a waste of a pick for MK8 DLC, it was already remade for MK7 so if they needed a SNES track for DLC they should've gone for something like Mario Circuit 4 or one of the Vanilla Lake tracks. So really the only way it won't be the worst for me is if MK8 Deluxe turns out to be a platform for Mario Kart on Switch (i.e. DLC or content updates for MK8 Deluxe happening instead of MK9).


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I don't think I've seen any mentions of Tick Tock Clock, and yet when it's one of the choices for an online race it always seems very popular.... doesn't do much for me though.

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Just curious, what is it people dislike about Neo Bowser City? I'm fairly neutral on the track, the main issue I have is the lack of shortcuts, but outside of that I find it gives good races. I'd consider it at least a mid-tier track with the likes of Daisy Circuit and Waluigi Pinball.

I'd never take issue with someone loving or hating it, but I've seen loads of criticism since it was announced for MK8.



Any track where you can do this...


...gets a 'thumbs up' from me!

(not saying it's my favourite track from 64, but it definitely wasn't my least favourite either! ..and I'd certainly say that I prefer the original to the remake - I don't have a problem with them shortening the track, but I personally think that they went WAY too far the other way and it's now FAR, FAR too short! ..probably actually my least favourite track in MK8D for that reason! ..but that's just me! )

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I'm bad at this. I tried to pick best and worst for each game I've played but couldn't. In some cases, there are too many good tracks and in some cases none of them stand out enough to be considered the best or worst one. I'll cheat and just list some very good tracks instead. Only listing tracks from 64, DS, Wii, 7 and 8.

Awesome: Kalimari Desert, Sherbet Land, Waluigi Pinball, Tick-Tock Clock, Airship Fortress, Moo Moo Meadows, Mushroom Gorge, Coconut Mall, Koopa Cape, Maple Treeway, Rainbow Road (Wii), Shy Guy Bazaar, Music Park, DK Jungle, Shy Guy Falls, Electrodome, Mute City, Big Blue, Bowser's Castle (all of them?).


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Right, now that I've got a bit more time, I'll hammer out my list! (..I'm gonna steer clear of remade tracks, because most are pretty faithful to the originals)

Super Mario Kart
Favourite: Rainbow Road (..certainly the most memorable - brutally memorable!)
Runner-Up: The 'Ghost Valley' tracks
Least Favourite: The 'Choco Island' tracks (..barely remember them!)

Mario Kart 64
Favourite: Royal Raceway (..because you could trick your friends in to thinking that the 'yellow brick road' to the castle was a shortcut! )
Runner-Up: Yoshi Valley (..'cos it's funny if someone gets lost in the maze! )
Least Favourite: Frappe Snowland (..crappe)

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Favourite: Baby Park (..for the chaos!)
Runner-Up: Peach Beach (..just stands out as being particularly memorable)
Least Favourite: Daisy Cruiser (..just because the track was slightly buggy/broken, so you could occasionally fall in to the endless abyss!)

Mario Kart Wii
Favourite: Maple Treeway (..bring it back!)
Runner-Up: Coconut Mall
Least Favourite: Toad's Factory (..not a bad track, but I don't miss it really)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Favourite: Sunshine Airport (..just a joy!)
Runner-Up: Dragon Driftway ( the flow of it!)
Least Favourite: Cloudtop Cruise / Ice Ice Outpost (..I don't like the flow of Cloudtop Cruise at all - and Ice Ice Outpost is just 'meh')
...and a dishonourable mention to N64 Rainbow Road, as mentioned above, for not being as faithful a tribute to the original as I'd have liked!

Such a great series of games! I even enjoy many of the tracks that I labelled as my 'least favourite', such is the high quality of the series! ..can't believe I didn't pick a single Bowser's Castle amongst my favourites either - they're always fun and challenging courses! ..tough list to compile!

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Just out of the games I've played:

Mario Kart 64

Favorite: Toad's Turnpike. Now, I know that a lot of people hate this track. But I love it for three reasons. One, it's a track with a city setting - I always love those. Two, the music is godlike. Seriously, I could listen to the music that plays on this track for hours. It's seriously wonderful. Finally, for whatever reason, this is probably the track I preform the best on.

Least Favorite: DK's Jungle Parkway. Ugh...this track. The layout is awful, it looks ugly, the music is awful...this is one of the few Mario Kart tracks I genuinely despise.

Mario Kart Wii

Favorite: Daisy Circuit. Now, I haven't played Mario Kart Wii since at least before Mario Kart 8 was released on the Wii U, so it's been awhile. My memory may be hazy when it comes to a lot of things in this game, but I remember I loved Daisy Circuit. This is definitely my favorite Circuit track in the series, and quite possibly one of my favorite tracks period as it nails everything right in my eyes. Layout, design, music...Daisy may not be my favorite princess, but she has some great taste.

Least Favorite: DK's Snowboard Cross (or simply DK Summit for us Yanks). I can't really remember what it was about this track that I hated, but I hated this track when I was younger. I think it was the layout, as otherwise it seems solid for the most part. But I really don't think Mario Kart Wii had a lot of bad tracks.

Mario Kart 7

Favorite: Daisy Hills. I feel a lot of tracks in Mario Kart 7 are either alright, boring or just bad. There's not too many tracks from Mario Kart 7 that really stand out, but I just sorta enjoy simplicity sometimes. And aside from the Circuits, this is probably as simple as it gets...but I like it. It's just simple, but fun. There's not really too much to say.

Least Favorite: Cheep Cheep Lagoon. There's nothing bad about this track, it's just really boring. It's a generic beach track, not much to say here.

Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe)

Favorite: Mute City. Oh my god. This track is so hype. I really need to play the F-Zero games more, but I know just how iconic this course is in F-Zero and I like how it transferred well over to Mario Kart. Also, Nintendo remembered that F-Zero exists. Now if only we could get a new F-Zero. C'mon, Nintendo...please...

Least Favorite: Super Bell Subway. It's difficult to think of a track that I hate from Mario Kart 8, because I pretty much like them all. This is my least favorite, just because I'm not a huge fan of the layout. For the most part, it's solid otherwise. I just really don't like the layout, and the fact that it's picked so often online doesn't help either.

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My favourite is probably Hyrule Circuit! There aren't any I particularly dislike but I find Dry Dry Desert a bit dull, so I guess that would be my least favourite.



I'm not sure I could really go through the series and give you a comprehensive list of my favorites and least favorites from each game. It has been too long since I have played most games. With that said, Mario Kart 64, Wii, and 8 are the most memorable to me.

I don't know that I really have a favorite. That question is just too hard for me to answer. I can certainly tell you which ones I want to be selected in Mario Kart 8 such as Sunshine Airport, N64 Royal Raceway, GBA Mario Circuit, etc. However, I don't know of a favorite altogether.

I do have a least favorite altogether that I can mention, though: Baby Park. Not only do I not find it fun at all (I much prefer dynamic tracks with lots of curves, ramps, etc.), but it is also really bad to play online. The track is so tiny that no matter what place you are in you will be surrounded by the fray. The ending placements might as well be randomized, because that's pretty much how it plays out.


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(Not including remade courses/MK8 DLC courses because I haven't played MK8DX enough yet)

Mario Kart DS

Favorite - Airship Fortress
Least Favorite - Yoshi Falls

Mario Kart Wii

Favorite - Maple Treeway
Least Favorite - Dry Dry Ruins

Mario Kart 7

Favorite - Music Park
Least Favorite - Mario Circuit

Mario Kart 8

Favorite - Mount Wario
Least Favorite - Water Park

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