Topic: Should I get both Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D?

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Is it worth it to get both games, or should I just get the new one?

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Get one of them and see if you like it. If you do, and feel you've got the most out of it, then I recommend getting the other. The games are fairly different but not different enough that you'll like one and despise the other, from what I can tell.

As for which to get first? Tough question. The stories aren't related so I'd maybe suggest getting XC2 first while it's new and shiny. Although you could probably get XC3D for much cheaper.

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I'm new to the series and I jumped into xc2, loving it. Already planning to go back and play the older titles when I'm finished.

I only found out recently that these games are a follow on from xenogears, which I regret never finishing.



If you can, get the Wii/Wii U version and XC2. The 3DS version, though it runs fine, is poorly suited to the very tiny screen of a 3DS. Even though it's not a graphically impressive game in terms of resolution, the huge worlds and beautiful vistas just beg to be on a screen bigger than a flip phone from the early 2000s...

Though I love both Xenoblade Chronicles and XC2 and highly recommend playing them both if you are a fan of narrative driven JRPGs.

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No, they're both VERY big games so you really need to pick one, finish it and then do the other.

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hey is this game as bad as the rating says cause i dont know and i don't want to play anything bad in content



I haven't finished 2 yet so no idea if it spoils the first one. Especially considering what the current boss is shouting while he fights...

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I'd honestly recommend you start with the first one and try to play it on Wii instead of 3DS. I'd say that the connective tissue between this and second is more satisfying if you've played the first one first. Plus, you can better appreciate the graphical improvements to the second.

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so bad as the rating says

Uh, Xenoblade is rated extremely high with reviews. All of them. Not sure what "bad rating" you're referring to.

All 3 games are 3 of the absolute best JRPG's ever created, and Xenoblade 2 is one of the best video games I've played in my entire life

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I would go with just buying one at first to see if you like it. The Xenoblade games can be really good but they have weird design choices which I find frustrating at times.
Voice acting is usually hit or miss depending on the character and the combat can take a while to feel normal or even enjoyable.

But with that said the world and story are the best part of the series, and each game has a lot of each. If you're going to play the first one then I would play it on a big screen with a Wii or Wii U. It just isn't as good on a 3DS, even an XL model.
XC2 is also a good option but it might make it harder to go back to the first game afterwards. But both are really good options, just try one out first to see if you like it!



@JaxonH well i already found out is very nsfw and i hate those kind of games



NSFW...? I guess I'm playing very different game than you then.

[s]Or my nsfw meter is just different[/s]



I was going to say, this game is hardly 'bad in content' compared to others.

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You shouldn't be playing games at work anyway, so technically any game is "NSFW".

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@JaxonH this coming from the guy who's played 3 JRPGs in his life.



I'd say get Xenoblade 2 and wait on the first game as it'll likely make its way onto Switch eventually.


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