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Is anyone getting this game? I've never played a rollercoaster tycoon game before so I'm excited to buy it. Does anyone have any thoughts or tips before I buy it?

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Make sure you do get 3 and not Adventures as 3 was the last good one in the series.

I will probably get this once it’s in a sale but I wish Planet Coaster was being released instead.

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I'm curious about this one too. I played the original RCT to death and tried out the second one for a little while back in the day; even with all the new additions in the latter, I just couldn't stand the Six Flags scenarios. I don't have any experience with this one, however.

But yeah, avoid Adventures like the plague. Same with the barebones 3DS port.

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I love RCT 1 and 2, but never really got into the third one (despite owning it). Still, I'm mildly interested in owning it on the Switch.

Some gameplay I found looks a bit rough graphics-wise though:

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