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Hi guys! I am very new to this forum, and also have a new retro gaming YouTube channel (that nobody has yet discovered). I just posted a new music video, where I perform an original song about retro consoles - for us hardcore gamers out there. Don't worry - Nintendo is part of the chorus! It's meant to be funny, but still was a LOT of work to create. I would LOVE for some feedback on the video, and if you guys enjoy it, feel free to comment or subscribe to the channel, as I have a LOT of content to release over time...

The song is called "Video Games (Set Me Free)" — enjoy, and thank you to those who take a moment to watch!


I look forward to joining the community here , it looks like a blast !

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Looking for a laugh? Take a peek at my original video game "console pop song" & music video:

Come say hello & swing by my official YouTube channel, Eggzone Revolution (humor/ob...


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My dead channel.

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