Topic: "Metroid vs The Legend Of Zelda; Which is the better Game series?"

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❗I vote for TLOZ games and even then I prefer the 2-D/top-down games. (OOT, TWW, LAdx and ALBW are my favourites)

As regards the other, I only ever really like 'Metroid: Prime 1' and 'Zero Mission'.

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@LeighDapa Metroid Prime 4 hasn't been released yet/ever.

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TLoZ is more puzzle based and Metroid is more action based. So I guess it's just down to which of those you prefer.

For me, I prefer Zelda.

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Zelda. Probably because there's just way more games. It would be really close if there were more Metroid games.

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Neither of them I like.
But... I only played Federation Force as it looked like Armored Core than usual Metroid games.

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Oh thats a hard one, I have to say both, Bc I'm into both games.

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I would say Zelda purely based on sales and number of titles etc.

But both series are similar with different aesthetics - exploration and discovery mixed in with combat and large boss encounters while collecting macguffins to get to final boss.

It's really cool to compare the similarities of both original NES titles as they have more in common than not.



It might be obvious to anyone if you look at my name and avatar, but I like LoZ games more. Both are excellent series, but I prefer the gameplay, exploration, and the fantasy setting of Zelda.

By the way, if you don't like either of the franchises, why make a post in a thread about them? It just makes you look like an attention seeking ass.


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Zelda has more good Games than Metroid.
Super Metroid being a Master Piece, i can't understand why the Prime Trilogy is so hyped, there are so many better Shooter/Adventure Titles out there.
Would give the Trilogy a good 7/10, but not more.



This is a tough one, but I think Zelda gets the edge. I feel that Zelda games tend to be more memorable than Metroid games, but both series are really good in their own way.

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I've only played Zelda, but I find comparing the two series to be a bit useless, given they're nothing alike. The closest Zelda had ever gotten to Metroid is Zelda II, and even then it's not even remotely similar, aside from being a 2D platformer type game.

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@Link-Hero By the way, I NEVER said that I don't like either of the franchises. With the last bit of your comment, it just makes you look like an attention-seeking ass 😊



@LeighDapa I think he was talking about anti, or not.
Also, I really hope you didn't think what I think your thinking i'm thinking.

Nintendo are like woman, You love them for whats on the inside, not the outside.

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That’s like comparing an Apple with a Banana 😂



@VoidofLight Not sure I’d agree - I reckon Zelda and Metroid are basically two sides of the same coin. Going all the way back to the originals, Metroid does what Zelda does, but flipped horizontally, rather than being top down.

The key element of both series is exploration, with areas being gated off until you pick up certain abilities, whether that’s a morph ball or a hook shot. There are differences in perspective, setting, atmosphere and action, but at their core they are very similar.

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I would say zelda has far more universal appeal and Metroid well, sci-fi isn't exactly popular with alot of people. Some flat out can't stand it. I love both but then again I've always been into space and futuristic stuff. Robots, Aliens and the like.

Zelda is probably my favorite videogame series of all time!

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I was not indicating that it was you. Just wanted to let you know that.


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