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The Golden Joystick Awards are over for another year. And it wasn’t exactly a great year for Nintendo. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate took Nintendo game of the year but everywhere else it was either a remake of an 11 year old game in Resident Evil 2 taking game of the year (would have been better to see an original game win surely?) and GTA V still picking up plaudits for its online offerings.
Untitled Goose Game was rightly awarded an award - a short game but great fun and a real hoot - pun totally intended.
What may or may not be concerning for Nintendo fans is that games on X Box and PS4 are still picking up more awards than a not yet three year old Nintendo console.
This time next year the next gen consoles will either be on their way or already released. So if Nintendo isn’t being noticed at this years awards other than in its own category, what chance will it have when on 2020 it will be so underpowered that ports will dry up?

Or will Nintendo realise that they have to at least keep parity with the current gen to survive the next one?

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jarvismp wrote:

Untitled Goose Game was rightly awarded an award - a short game but great fun and a real hoot - pun totally intended.

And here's me thinking that it was owls that hoot, while geese honk. I am such a chump.

I haven't played enough Astral Chain yet to decide whether it's award-worthy or not. Awards themselves are fairly meaningless and not worth worrying about, but I do wonder whether Nintendo ever wants to do more to target the mainstream audience (and therefore contend for more awards) or not. Will be interesting to see how much Metroid Prime has evolved (and whether it's directed more towards the mainstream or not) when #4 releases.

It's an interesting point in the life of Switch: Nintendo must be making some decent coin out of licensing third party software by now - how much will that result in lifting off from games development a bit and just sticking to their regular IPs, as tends to be the Nintendo way, or will it give us more new stuff in the next 2 years?

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I dunno, I question the credibility of these awards. For example: Epic won studio of the year when all they did was release Fortnite Chapter 2.... Control won critics choice, a game that has a Metacritic of 82.

Not to mention a bunch of games always seem to get shafted(Japanese games in particular like Fire Emblem, Astral Chain, Persona 5 in 2017 etc.)


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