Topic: Games you've abandoned and why?

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Fallout 3. I probably made it about 5 hours in. Just wasn't enjoying it.


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Definitely Paper Mario: Sticker Star for me. Going into this game, I knew it was going to be different from the other PM games, but I figured it would be enjoyable nonetheless. Boy, was I disappointed. The more I played it, the worse the sticker gimmick got, even though they were very common items. Whose brilliant idea was it to literally give the player a finite amount of attacks?! And when you run out of stickers, that's it. You're brown bread. I stopped playing a little after I beat the Pokey boss; I no longer have it and I would like to keep it that way. Heck, even though I'm a huge Mario fan, I'm still apprehensive about getting Color Splash, simply because of how bad Sticker Star was.

Skyward Sword was another game I left by the wayside. Perhaps it's just me, but I for the life of me could not beat the first boss, Ghirahim, because the game did not register my sword swings correctly and I died as a result. I had no choice but to ragequit.

Another was Mega Man X7. Two words... Flame Hyenard.

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Paper Mario Sticker Star. I was concerned with the limited attacks system based on stickers, but what I found myself finding the most frustrating was the lack of any kind of level up system. The enemies you ran into on the maps meant absolutely nothing. I got tired of running away from the pointless enemies and just quit.

It doesn't help that the game itself was also very bland, which made my decision to quit so much easier. There just wasn't any motivation to keep playing at all.


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Final Fantasy XII - The characters, story and slow battle system just bored me on two occasions.

Tales of Xillia 2 - A silent and dull MC is NOT FUN!

Demon's Souls - A Massive FU to anyone who plays games as a hobby and actually values their time especially when its limited. The lack of a pause button also is a design choice worthy of a 155mm shell to the crotch.

Resident Evil - Tried multiple times until I realised that tank controls suck, always will suck and defending them is like trying to defend an Aushwitz Security Guard who signed up for the "LOLS".

Final Fantasy XIII - After 37 hours I wondered what the heck I was doing and packed it in.



@MarioLover92 @Harmonie Ah yes I forgot about Sticker Star...I gave up for essentially the same reasons.

Also Tales of Vesperia. Pretty decent game, and I'm sure I'm near completion, but..the story dragged on too much.

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I gave up on Sticker Star too. It was my first Paper Mario game and oboy...

For the most part though, I'm pretty good at finishing games.

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Yesterday I finished again Half Life 2 on, I mean I completed episode two and it was gorgeous as always, however the end of it is sooo intriguing that it's really a pain to wait for so long for releasing of the third one... Sometimes I think that it won't be released at all and that's extremely sad because I want to know so much what will be the end of this amazing story. Half Life 2 is one of the best games in my opinion and I think it deserves finally a good ending
And in general I can't say that I'm a huge gamer, however I like to play sometimes in various ones if I want to relax during my free time My favourite ones are also BloodRayne, GTA series, Hitman, AlienVSPredator, Chaser, Prey, Serious Sam (but only the first one among all parts) and Painkiller. I like to play sometimes in flash ones and mmorg, especially The World Of Warcraft and Shaiya. And gambling is my other favourite type, I like this and poker the most of all.
I also want to try Portal too, as I know it was made by those guys who made Half Life 2 and got many positive reviews, I'm really curious if it's really so cool as it's said by many guys

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Final Fantasy 6 I got to the part where Kefka destroyed everything but I suddenly just stopped playing afterwards. The game is pretty good but I'm just not motivated to go back and try to complete the game anytime soon.

Dead Space the original for PS3 I stopped playing because I just kept on dying. I saved the game where I had zero ammo, no money and little health. After that I just gave up.

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I don't know if I have ever consciously thought "I am just done I don't want to play this ever again!" But a vareity of games have lost my interest over the years even when I consider them fun at first. I run this problem a lot with the Warriors/Musou games. They tend to be really fun for me initially for a few hours. But once the novelty of playing as whichever characters wear off, it just starts to few grindy and repetitive. Resulting in me rarely if ever finishing them. Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors and Fate Extella are all games I like, but never seem to be able to finish.

Other games I thought I would like, but failed to hook me were LA Noire and DBZ Xenoverse 2. Both were games I thought I would like, but just couldn't get into once I started playing.

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Skyrim. I felt it was unfair to not play the game. Read all the reviews to see for myself if the game was good or not. Obviously I was wrong. Playing the game for more than half an hour and discovered the different types of enemies. Lots and I do mean lots of variety. You get tough ones and really easy ones when you get better and level up, the more better you become and able to fight the hard ones.

Overall a great game when you give it a chance, but it's more than just a few minutes of your time. It will absorb you into it's fantastic world and it's rewarding when you try it.


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