Topic: Games of 2017 is near for the switch. Should I pre-order?

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@Ralizah you know what, that is soo true. This was the year. Then looking at the big E3 event that went on with other systems. They really outdid themselves.

@Ryu_Niiyama very smart, that way when the time comes, its already paid and you can just pick it up without any worry.

@GrailUK is cod any good on nintendo. I know black ops 2 was i believe, but was it any good?

@Meowpheel ahh i see. Pokemon is still hitting hard i see lol. I cant catch up. But you just gotta be lucky to get switch unless its out online!

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i want to see the arm in the game



If you're interested in games like Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey that are pretty quick on the horizon and consider them worth getting a system for, I would look into getting a Switch when you can. I hear they're pretty hard to get.


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@Harmonie i got one actually and i will be uploading it to my channel soon. Feel free to watch. Its on my profile . I got the switch that came with the blue and red controller. I never play splatoon one so im bout to suck in the beggining lol


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@Ralizah those two points you said make a far better case for not pre ordering. xD
Games are far cheaper down the road and plenty of stock barring more niche titles

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Nintendo games are rarely much cheaper down the road. And, as MK8D attests, big games can also suffer from stock issues at launch.

As I said, if you know you'll want a game, there is no reason to not preorder. Unless it's a Western AAA or something, in which case I wouldn't because it seems like half the time they launch broken and usually sink drastically in price over the course of a few months.

But Nintendo and niche games? Preordering is the way to go.

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Ah, no need pre order because my local gamestore can provide my specific games to buy, as long I keep remind him.

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