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@Yellowkoopa: In my opinion the Wii U looks better than the GC even without the Wii games. But playing Wii games belongs to the Wii U's features, it's as simple as that (as @gcunit pointed out, it's about the smarter buy). Personally, I don't play those Wii games that I mentioned anymore (because I have more fun with Wii U games like Splatoon, XCX etc) but they did fit well into the comparison with those GC games you mentioned. And I don't see the point in ignoring them just because they run on the vWii, especially if @NatetheGreat hasn't played them yet. Then the Wii games that I mentioned are even a bigger plus, because for example I genuinely think Mario Galaxy 2 was the best entry in Mario (real) 3D games. And I also prefer Skyward Sword to TP and WW.

@gcunit: I didn't make that remark about MP as a MP veteran, but from my personal perspective. I got poperly introduced to MP with MP8 and I/we had lots of fun with it. I loved the Monopoly game with the hotels and most of the minigames were fun with the Wiimote.
Before MP8, I had zero interest in that series although I already knew it on N64. But it just wasn't interesting.
Now the previous entries might have been good (or not), I haven't played them, but they surely had no Wiimote support and that's crucial to my MP experience. Those minigames were fun because they utilised motion controls.
MP 9 and 10 just didn't convince me because the characters don't travel separately (and there is no hotel game mode).

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Yellowkoopa wrote:

@gcunit: I'm not saying that the Wii U doesn't have its advantages like @shani pointed out. I'm just saying that he's using the original Wii games as Wii U games to make the library look better than the GameCube.

The thread is quite literally about this question:

NatetheGreat wrote:

I already have a GameCube, so I am wondering If I should just get games for it or get a Wii U and get games for that? Which way will cost more or less? Which way would have better gaming?

In 2016, Wii U or Gamecube. Which system will deliver the best experience and which one is the best bang for your buck. I think it's fair to say that the Wii U wins on the first point with or without Wii BC. With BC though it slaughters the Gamecube. In terms of value? Well other than the initial cost of the system itself? I think the Wii U probably wins out on that measure also. Again, especially if you take into account indie titles, VC and Wii BC.

So whether that makes the GC "worse" in some sort of historical like-for-like comparison or not doesn't matter. Just like you can get some people arguing that the SNES or NES had the best games for its day. That may be so but would you really buy a NES over a Wii U? Today? If you're getting it just to play the games? Because if your answer is yes I think you need your head checked.

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@skywake: Haha thanks! I don't know what I stirred up here... I'm set on a Wii U, because I do want to play the newer versions of the games and be up to date. Thanks for all the advice and input regarding my situation and questions everyone



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