Topic: Fire emblem fates not really 100% supporting gay marriage

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I think nintendo messed up with this game and kind of pretended to support gay marriage in fire emblem fates. I am very disappointed with what they did with the gay marriage in this game. They added so many regulations that shouldn't have been ruined it .for example, Your avatar can't be gay unless you get a certain character in each game and it's gender exclusive so in birthright you have to choose a female to be with the one exclusive gay character that you can marry and vice versa for conquest. The funny thing is that it's my avatar, my character, the character that reflects off me so if my character can't be gay (I'm bisexual btw) can't reflect me then how can it be my avatar. The final support conversation for any 2 characters that you want in a gay marriage does not happen it just shows a picture that you got to the a+ rank relationship without showing any support conversation. ( A+ is like s rank for the characters you want to have a homosexual relationship with.) Why should I have to be an exclusive gender to get gay marriage support conversation ? Why do the other characters you want married not have a support conversation. To me if you are going to add homosexuality to a game then you have to add the full thing or don't add it at all. If my avatar in this game cannot be gay unless their is a special rule then there was no point of adding homosexuality to the game in the first place. Hopefully nintendo fixes this in the next games, if there will be any.

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Sorry but we don't discuss those kinds of issues, it tends to lead into arguments.

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